Pros and Cons in Using Free Dating Sites

Over the past few years, free online dating sites have mushroomed in growth. Prior to these free dating sites, almost all online dating sites were a paid service.

Most of these dating sites are still considered to be a paid service still. However, if a person decides to do a search on the Internet for free online dating sites, they will see that there are a lot of results that show up.

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to everything. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s good. One of the drawbacks to using free online dating sites is that anybody can sign up.

This also means that spammers can sign up too. Nothing is more frustrating then getting unsolicited emails from these spammers. And here all along, you thought you were communicating with another single individual only to find out that this individual is less than honest.

Furthermore, some of these free sites do not have the same strict control over how people use the site. Since anyone and every one can signup, it becomes very hard to put an end to the spamming. It’s not uncommon for professional escorts to solicit on these free sites too.

Another growing concern with these free sites is that these sites are a breeding ground for professional scammers and con artists. Some people are very gullible and will believe everything that somebody else tells them.

These professional scammers and con artist may even use fake pictures and profiles to lure an unsuspecting individual into their trap. Even though professional con artists have been around for a very long time, these free sites allow them easier access to unsuspecting individuals.

One tip that is useful for all online users is to never give your personal information so freely. Identity theft is running rampant out there, so do not give personal information such as your Social Security number, drivers license number, credit card information as well as banking information.

On the other hand, joining a paid online dating site may not be such a bad thing. People that have to pay for a membership tend to take it more seriously. Paid membership sites tend to scrutinize the members of little more carefully. Perhaps venturing onto a paid site has its benefits too.

It’s not uncommon for single people to belong to more than one dating site. Some singles may belong to numerous online dating sites, both free and paid ones. The best advice one can follow is to try out different dating sites, both free and paid.

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