Questions to Ask on A First Date – 3 Questions to Start and Continue the Conversation

Your first date could be the door to a happy and lasting relationship, or just the end of a relationship before it even begins. That’s why finding good questions to ask on a first date is very important.

Since you and your date don’t know much about each other, it could be a challenge to keep the conversation flowing throughout your date. But if you prepare some fun questions to ask in advance, it will be easy to avoid awkward pauses. Here are 3 fun and relaxing first date questions to ask your date…

Question #1: “How was your day?”

This is one of the best questions to ask at the beginning of your date because it works as a great conversation starter. Also by giving him/her the chance to talk about him/herself and by putting the focus on him/her, you show your politeness and manners which will really make a good first impression on your date.

Also this gives you the opportunity to learn more about them based on what they did today and also HOW they talk about it. For example if they keep complaining about how many bad things that happened today, you’ll know they are most probably pessimistic and don’t lead a happy life.

But if they talk about what a beautiful day it was and how much fun they had today, THAT would really make a difference.

Question #2: “What do you do for fun in your spare time?”

This is a great questions to ask to find out how much you have in common when it comes to your hobbies.

Also if your date tells you he/she is interested in a sport or activity that you like very much too, it will be the beginning of an exciting and fun conversation. You both can talk about why you love this hobby and how long you have been doing it.

Also the answers your date gives to this question will tell you a lot about his/her personality.

For example if your date says he/she loves reading so much that always spends the weekends reading books, but you’re a very energetic person and love active outdoor activities, it will clearly show you’re not very compatible in this part and will probably have a hard time finding fun things to do together in your possible future relationship.

What’s more, this question acts as a smart way to find out if your date is a workaholic.

If you see he/she is having a hard time finding an answer to this question, or if the answers he/she gives are all about his business, this will tell you this person might be one of those people who shapes all his/her life around his work.

Question #3: “Do you have any pets?”

This question is very good because it starts a lively conversation. People love talking about their pets because they love them very much.

This lively and relaxing conversation will help you two feel more relaxed and comfortable with each other, so that you’ll have a more fun time during the rest of the date.

But what if your date says he/she doesn’t have a pet? Well, then simply ask “Really? Why not?” And again it will start a good conversation.

Final Thoughts

The questions you ask in your date are important, but there’s a general rule that is even more important, but actually few people do it:

Put the focus and attention on your date, and ask a lot of questions about THEM.

Be curious about him/her. And be a good listener. Be genuinely interested and listen. The more questions you ask about THEM, the more scores you’ll gain.

When you do this, congratulations! Because now you are unique and stand above 90% of other men and women who date.

Here you can learn 3 important first date conversation tips to help you have a more fun and successful date.

Wish you a lot of success in your next first date!

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