Real Friends Quotes (Quotation On True Friends)

  1. You were there for me for so many years. Making me laugh while I was in tears. I will never let anyone take your place because you’re the best friend I’ve got. You laugh at my stupidest jokes, put up with my worst moods, go along with my crazy ideas and you still manage to see the best in me.
  2. If you ever wonder how a girl survives, just look at who’s by her side.
  3. A friend stands on the sidelines of your life, proudly cheering you on as you win each of life`s battles but a true friend is there in the fight with you.
  4. A true friend never gets in your way unless you are going down.
  5. I live for my friends, I would be lost without them.
  6. Hold on to the ones you love, cause the best ones don’t come twice.
  7. Friends by heart, sisters by soul quiet and shy? ~~psh try OUT OF CONTROL.
  8. Sometimes I think “what is a friend?”, and then I say, “a friend is someone to share last cookie with.” — cookie monster
  9. There are going to be times in your life when all you want to do is lay down in the middle of the road during rush hour. Just know that no matter how many times you feel like laying there, I will always be here to block traffic.
  10. I would lay down my life for you take it to the wall if you asked me to. I’ll stand beside you when gray skies are blue all my life i will stand by you.
  11. Every girl needs a best friend to help her laugh when she thought she’d never smile again.
  12. Lean on me, when you’re not strong And I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on
  13. I just have to thank you For being there always Even the darkest days Especially when you didn’t have to That’s when I knew I had a friend in you
  14. So if your world should fall apart Call me I’ll run to where you are I only hope that I can be Half of the friend you’ve been to me
  15. Me & my girls we’ve been through more than a lot. We all know who each other thinks is hot. These are the ones who I know I can run to. They got my back no matter what I do. True friends never fight over dumbass shit. They are down with whatever & you know it.
  16. i love knowing that i can call her and no matter what she’s doing she will drop everything just to hear me rant for five hours about what a jerk he is and how much he bugs me only for her to hear the next day about how much i like him and how i could never leave him yeah, i <3 my best friend.
  17. cross your heart – hope to die clothes & make up – boys & lies there for you until the end ~~definition of a true best friend
  18. It isn’t about the friends you`ve known for the longest. It`s about the ones that came in & never left your side.
  19. a simple friend–‘ has never seen you cry. a best friend–‘ has shoulders soggy from your tears. a simple friend–‘ doesn’t know your parent`s first names. a best friend–‘ has their phones numbers in the address book. a simple friend–‘ brings a bottle of wine to your party. a best friend–‘ comes early to help you cook && leaves late to help you clean. a simple friend–‘ hates it when you call her after she goes 2 bed. a best friend–‘ asks why you took so long to call. a simple friend–‘ talks to you about your problems. a best friend–‘ helps you with your problems. a simple friend–‘ wonders about your romantic history. a best friend–‘ could blackmail you with it. a simple friend–‘ when visiting, acts like a guest. a best friend–‘ opens your refrigerator and helps herself. a simple friend–‘ thinks the friendship is over when you argue. a best friend–‘ knows it’s not a friendship until after you’ve had a fight. a simple friend–‘ expects you to always be there for them. a best friend–‘ expects to always be there for you.
  20. A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart & can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.
  21. Photos fade, people change, but you and I will stay the same best friends to the end.

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