Really Sad Love Quotes

  1. I’ll always be here, no matter how much pain you cause me.
  2. I hate that feeling when you look at someone and say, “What the hell happened to us?”
  3. Everyone will hurt you in the end, it’s just a matter of finding who’s worth getting hurt for.
  4. I’m afraid to tell him how I feel because it might just mean nothing to him.
  5. I wonder if you think of me as often as I think of you.
  6. Eventually, one of two things will happen. He’ll finally realize that you’re worth it, or you’ll finally realize that he isn’t.
  7. The mind often lacks the heart to speak, when the heart has the most on its mind.
  8. Never underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Some people are better at hiding it than others.
  9. How are we going to act like what we had isn’t anything at all?
  10. Keep the one who’s keeping you. Let go of the one who’s letting you go.
  11. Anyone who would take advantage of my weaknesses doesn’t deserve my strengths.
  12. Be careful with your words. Once they’re said, they can only be forgiven not forgotten.
  13. I always wonder if he feels the same way I do and is just afraid to admit it.
  14. I don’t understand our relationship. Sometimes we’re friends, sometimes we’re more then friends and sometimes I’m just a stranger to you.
  15. When is the best time to tell someone you love them? Before someone else does.
  16. I’m hiding what I’m feeling but I’m tired of holding this inside my head.
  17. You know it’s love when your feelings don’t leave even if the person does.
  18. There isn’t one person in this world that I want more than I want you .
  19. Trust me when I say I love you.. because I will always mean it.
  20. You’re that guy that no matter how many more guys I meet, I’ll always have feelings for you.
  21. If you are the only one feeling the love, chances are you’re holding the wrong hand .
  22. I would take one person showing me they love over a million people saying they love me.
  23. It’s not even the fact that you’re not mine. It’s the fact that you led me on for all that time.
  24. I never hurt this much before I met you.
  25. Even the most boring words sound exciting when spoken by the right person.
  26. I don’t regret the past, I just regret the times I’ve wasted with the wrong people and the wrong things.
  27. Sleeping is nice.. you forget everything for a little while.
  28. You have to first love someone before you can understand the pain of letting go.
  29. Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if you and me were together instead of just being friends.
  30. My mind has its heart set on forgetting you, but it seems my heart has its mind made up to always remember you.

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