Romantic Date Ideas

This may sound a bit naïve, but when you do think about it, a married couple would not really have irreconcilable differences or seek the solace of someone else if the romance is not dead in the relationship. The idea of love and romance is what brought the two of them together in the first place; there is no reason for the romance to die just because they exchanged their I do’s.

To fan the flames of love and to keep them burning, married couples need to make the effort to add some spice and romance continuously in their life. If you are married and you want to maintain the romantic aspect of your relationship with your spouse, here are five adult romantic ideas that you can use.

Romantic Date Ideas

A simple candlelit dinner

Candlelit dinners are the staple of romance. Seeing your spouse’s face by candlelight can add a depth of mystery that you may not have seen there in a long time. The vision can remind you of what you saw in him or her that made you want to marry in the first place.

A good meal is also a good tool that you can use to start a conversation with your spouse. This initial conversation about food can trigger conversations about other things that you may want to talk about. It would be great if the meal you had together is something that the two of you helped prepare together as well.

A date.

Couples, even when they are married and have kids, should never stop going on dates with each other. These regular dates become even more important when there are kids to speak of already because they help remind you and your spouse that the foundation of your family is the relationship that you have with each other.

Try to set up these regular dates with your spouse, at least once a week. You can dine out, watch a movie, go to the museum, watch a monster truck derby, or whatever. It does not matter what you do on these dates as long as it is something that the two of you love doing together.


Many couples do some roleplaying games to live out a few of their fantasies. These roleplaying games can become intense, especially when there is a lot of touching involved. If your spouse has a fantasy that he or she would like to enact, and if it does not seem too gross to you, go ahead and indulge in roleplay. Who knows what sparks this can rekindle in your relationship?

Long, leisurely walks

Walking together leisurely while holding hands can do a lot in uplifting the level of intimacy in your relationship. The two of you do not have to talk. You can simply enjoy each other’s presence and the fact that you are moving in step with each other.

Get away from home

A lot of times, getting away from home is the best solution to rekindling romance in the marriage. It awakens the sense of daring and adventure in a couple, and in turn, this heightens the level of their intimacy. Make it a point to get away from home at least once a year. Go on a short weekend holiday without the kids. You can go camping or travel to a seaside resort or whatever takes your fancy, as long as it is just the two of you.

There are two things that you must ensure before you do anything with your spouse, though. First, have someone mind the kids so you could focus your attention exclusively on your spouse. Pack them off to their grandparents for the weekend, or hire a competent babysitter. Second, remove any distractions that can take away your focus from your spouse. Free up your calendar and turn off your cellphones.

Having an adult romantic time with your spouse is not difficult to do. You just have to make the effort to do it. If you do it regularly, you would get to communicate more intimately with your spouse, both verbally and physically, and this would pull you closer to each other. And since the two of you are so close, how can you bear to become apart?

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