Romantic Love Poems For Husband

Romantic Love Poems For Husband

Open Road

The weekend is upon us,
Up we get and out of bed,
How should we enjoy life this weekend?
Let’s take the open road ahead.

Daily tasks done without ever asking,
Are our love’s renewal every day,
Time together to feed our souls,
Love’s renewal on our weekend getaway.

Life is short with focus for many,
Our time together even less on any day,
Yet our love continues to grow and flourish,
Let’s take the open road for us today.

With my glance over and see,
Our commitment and respect so true,
It’s almost time for us to leave together dear,
I’ll only take the open road with you.

Holiday Love

What a wonderful Christmas
A happy New Year’s awaits us too
What a joyous holiday time
To be spending with you!

With love in our hearts
And a twinkle in our eye
I am still trying to woo you
In a hope that you will continue to be mine.

I love you, I do, I truly do
Knowing you love me sets my heart free
To be with you forever
And truly celebrate our first New Year’s Eve!

As hurried as this poem is
Rest assured that our love’s not
To be with you, again, forever
I can’t wait until we tie the knot!

Anniversary Nine

Together at last,
Face time mostly in the past,
Our future has started this time.

This emotion we call love,
As if sent from above,
Continues past this anniversary nine.

The meal is now done,
No word yet from my Hon’,
I hope she is doing all right.

I love her so much,
I yearn for her physical ‘n emotional touch,
Even if I have to stay up all night!

The Words

Love poems, love letters, even love texts and sonnets,
I will write for you Lucy, I will, I’m on it.

Expressing my love in many ways for you,
Physically, emotionally, and with the words ‘I do’.

My dreams’ dream, that is what you are,
Soon to be together, no longer a far.

You are everything I want Lucy, everything I need,
To be with you, together forever, is where I want to be.

Our memories so precious, so many yet so few,
More wonderful memories we will make, including the words ‘I do’.

You have my heart, I will be yours to have and to hold,
You are the most beautiful person these eyes have behold.

Check lists, to do lists, meetings to get through,
All with the goal to say the words ‘I do’.

Our first vacation together, our first getaway,
It is ironic because I am here to stay.

The irony is that Victoria comes for me and you,
After we committed to each other the words ‘I do’.