Romantic Tips

  1. Give him this written bill after dinner: “Salad: One kiss. Entree: Eight kisses. Dessert: Three kisses. (Tipping is strongly encouraged)”
  2. Visit a local art gallery together.
  3. Perform a sensual shower in front of him. Or shower together – it’s sexy and you’ll save water :-)
  4. While you are both out, have a friend deliver a gourmet dinner to your home.
  5. Inspiration for long time lovers: “The older the violin, the sweeter the music” – Anonymous
  6. Place a rose under the car’s windshield wiper.
  7. Gently brush her cheeks with your lips.
  8. Give him a lottery ticket. Attch a note: “You are one in a million”
  9. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  10. On a frosty winter morning, scrape the ice off her car widshield.
  11. Bake homemade cookies together. See Free Gourmet Recipes
  12. Plan a three-day weekend together.
  13. While slow dancing at a party, whisper something sweet to her.
  14. Get the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.
  15. When attending a wedding, whisper: “If I had to do it over, I’d marry you again.”
  16. Hide a teeny, tiny gift somewhere on your body and make him find it.
  17. Fill his toolbox with lingerie. Make him “work” to get his tools back.
  18. Fold a love note in a fluffy bath towel.
  19. Run your hands under warm water before going to bed.
  20. Send a love note via Fedex – because your love just can’t wait.
  21. Be extra attentive after your partner has had a bad day.
  22. Let a Shakespearean quote speak for you.
  23. Gals: Never, never, never talk about your past boyfriends in front of him.
  24. A romantic ritual: Pause and kiss at your front door.
  25. Make a 20-foot HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner for your sweetheart.
  26. Give him something that will remind him of you:
    * a handkerchief or scarf
    * a pair of panties
    * a short poem to carry in his wallet
    * a lock of your hair
    * a greeting card drenched in your favorite perfume
    * a current photo
  27. Love is timeless. To prove it, cover up all the clocks in your house for a week.
  28. In your calendar, write a reminder to yourself one week in advance of his/her birthday.
  29. Get a vanity license plate with your anniversary date on it.
  30. Take an old bottle of unused medicine capsules. Empty the medicine and insert tiny teeny love notes. Write him a Prescription for Love.
  31. While out together, whisper to him/her: “You are the best.”
  32. Guys: Open the car door for her.
  33. Go stargazing at a planetarium.
  34. Leave a romantic message on the answering machine.
  35. Eat dinner by candlelight: Tonight!
  36. Put a note in a romance novel saying, “The story is great but our own love story is the best”.
  37. Put a single red rose on the seat of your lover’s car before they go to work.
  38. Compose a list: “101 Reasons Why You’re the Greatest” Write each reason on a separate square of paper. Wrap them in a fancy gift box.
  39. Sprinkle perfume on to light bulb. When light is turned on the scent of the perfume will fill the room.
  40. Listen to a romantic audio tape, fix a cup of hot flavored tea, and light two candles.
  41. Keep a journal of your romantic fantasies. Share it with your soul mate.
  42. Buy a bunch of fish at a pet store. It doesn’t matter what kind. Leave it for your lover with a note saying ” Out of all the fish in the sea, you are the one for me”.
  43. Take a picture of yourself in the most sexy outfit possible. Hide in a secret spot in your house and leave him or her clues on how to get there. Watch the sparks fly!
  44. Put a blindfold on your lover and drive them to a place where you have a blanket, candles, strawberries, sparkling drinks, and a rose. Park the car and take off the blindfold while you read a poem you have written for them.
  45. Pull the bag out of your lovers breakfast cereal box and slit a small hole in it. Insert a love note. Tape up the bag and return it to the box. What a way to start the day!
  46. Play “hide-and-seek” in the rain. It’s fun and VERY sensual!
  47. Build your lover a web page telling them why you love them so much. Mention special moments and add some images and cool links to topics that interest them. Surf the web with them one day and just “stumble upon it”. Or have someone send them an anonymous email with the link inviting them to the page.
  48. Fill bathtub with warm water sprinkled with rose petals.
  49. Fix a hot cup of Raspberry Chocolate, cuddle in a warm afghan and watch An Affair to Remember.
  50. Place a perfumed handkerchief in the dryer with your sheets before drying.
  51. Send your love a letter with confetti hearts inside of the letter so they pour out everywhere when your sweetheart opens it.
  52. Invite your sweetie to an intimate dinner at your place. Make a pizza and with the pepperoni you can write something sweet, like “you are the one for me”.
  53. Surprise your lover with a kiss before they can finish a sentence.
  54. Write your own love poems then record them on a tape and give them to your sweetheart.
  55. Give your love an antique compass and say “You will never lose me”. Your love will swear the needle always points to their heart!
  56. While your love takes a shower, write the words “I love you” in the condensation of the bathroom mirror.
  57. Leave a trail of “Hershey’s chocolate kisses” from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. On the bed leave a note that reads ‘I kiss the ground you walk on.’ Make sure you’re not home when s/he gets in!
  58. Write a love note or poem on a piece of paper and then cut it up into puzzle-like pieces. Send one a day to your special someone.
  59. Play the game of monopoly with a few new rules. Change boardwalk into backrub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc.
  60. Look straight into the eyes of your love and PAY ATTENTION to what they tell you! Tell your mate something about you that no one else knows.
  61. Look into the eyes of your special someone often. “The eyes are the window to the soul”. Weave love, sex, intimacy, passion and romance into the fabric of your daily lives.
  62. Carve “His” and “Hers” jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.
  63. Buy a set of matching silk pajamas, and take turns modeling them for each other.
  64. Listen to Seasons of Love.
  65. Camp-out in a tent with your lover and picnic in a tree house.
  66. Men: Talk more. Women: Touch more.
  67. Spend one solid hour exploring various kissing techniques.
  68. Turn your “bedroom” into a “boudoir”. Use soft colors and fabrics, fresh cut flowers on your nightstand, mirrors everywhere, etc. Hang your lovers Favorite art on your walls. More Love Tips
  69. Massage – A good massage is a great experience. Sensual and romantic …
  70. Send a romantic greeting card today! Or a Love Ecard

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