Sagittarius Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 23 -Dec. 22]

Daily Sagittarius horoscope

Date: May 23, 2024

Today you feel less competitive and ambitious about practical and mundane matters. The world of imagination, fantasy, art, music, or mysticism is very appealing to you now, and if you have talent in any of these areas, this can be a creative and fruitful time for you. However, the negative possibilities for you now are being undisciplined, slack, indefinite, and wasting time and energy.

Weekly Sagittarius horoscope

Date: May 23 week

Your health could be a cause for small worry this week so take care. You will be enjoying your family time this week. Avoid undue tensions this week as it won\’t help you in any way and only will make matters worse. There are indications of one of your sibling getting upset with you this week. Undue tensions at work place are indicated , but you need not worry as all would be taken care of in the end without any problems. Avoid impulsive decisions this week.

Monthly Sagittarius horoscope

Date: May 2024

For Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ascendant or Lagan this month indicates good success in your professional life. There will be boost in your professional life and raise in your income as well as your status. Domestic life may not be very smooth for you. Short traveling is indicated in this month. Heart patients should be extra careful in this month. Career, Incomes and Gains Financially and Career wise this month is going to be a superior month. Transiting Dashmesh ( 10th Lord) Mercury over the 11th and Labhesh ( 11th Lord) over the 10th would be fully capable to boost your professional life. There will be a rise in your income as well as status. You might enter into profitable deals. This is the time when you witness indications of positive change as far as your career prospects are concerned. Prominent chances are there that you may find yourself with happiness and prosperity. You will find yourself filled with zeal and courage. Your enemies will face a setback during this time. You will out shine your rivals. Though, transiting Saturn over the 9th and Bhagyesh Sun over the 11th house might be a cause of obstacles. This is a time of tension and dramatic change which may be most apparent in your domestic life, or in your career. Use the time to make much-needed changes. This influence depends very much on how large a role safety and security play in your professional life. If safety is paramount, you will want to expand the foundations of whatever represents security for you now. Love, Family and Social Life Panchmesh as well as 12th lord Mars is transiting over the 7th house while 7th lord Mercury would be transiting over the 11th. This is a mixed position of both planets. Therefore, this is going to be a mixed or moderate month. Domestic life will not go smoothly and it will require more attention and care. You may have to bear much mentally stress and tensions. There will be some sort of get together in your family. Still, your sincere efforts will make you happy and cheerful. If, you would like to avoid such certain reasons of disputes and arguments, you might run to situation in your favor. Education and Traveling Transiting 4th lord Jupiter, 9th lord Sun might create difficulties as far as your education related matters are concerned. Probably, you may indulge in unrewarding activities. You have to control your self. Only with pre-planning and hard working you may achieve your goal. Aspect of 6th lord Venus over the 4th house is indicating uncertain mental anxieties. Planets are indicating a sequence of short distance journeys. Health You may suffer due to chronic diseases and lower body pain. If, you’re already heart patience, you should be extra careful. Transit of a few malefic and unfavorable planets may provide obstacles.

Yearly Sagittarius horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is not so favourable to you. You will have mixed effects of fortune and misfortune. A wish at work is close to fulfilment but you need emotional equilibrium before the power shifts occur. Your inability to emerge from a particular point of view is a poor move professionally. Curb your enthusiasm in money matters especially during business parties. During this year extra responsibilities come from people who trust you. You may undertake a research-based journey during April. Not everything will go the way you want. May 2024 is a month where your smooth sail is likely to be interrupted by your destructive habits. During August and May 2024 romance, excitement and affection help keep spirits up. During 2024 rewards are in store for you. You will get a guarantee in business talks. You will fall in love with a person whom you know for the past few years. But you should be transparent in love commitments. Please avoid air travel during July 2024. You are not having a good period during November 2024, to disassociate yourself from the past or from old acquaintances. The turning point in your life and career is upon you. In money matters, you will realize your potential but you will do well to get payments on time or you will be let down in future as arrears pile up. You must be more careful and tricky while dealing with young people as you may be in for high handed treatment as they take their new roles very seriously . Relationships will head towards a prosperous phase during 2024 but disapproval could creep in if you take financial decisions without consulting the same with your spouse. A fresh form of health and healing is required that does not focus so much on the rigidity of discipline but chooses to go with the flow. You should be guard against fraud. A good position of authority awaits you. Your friends will try to destroy you. During October and November 2024 disharmony at home, ill health to spouse, children and close relatives can make you depressed. Increased responsibilities can invite strained relations with brothers and sisters. Your enemies will take cruel steps towards you during 2024. Anyway, you will escape from all accidents or unhappy incidence during 2024. It is better to wear a diamond ring on the third finger of the right hand irresponsible of gender.

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