Scorpio Compatibility – How to Get Along With Scorpios

Scorpio compatibility is an issue that concerns a lot of people; they are the most “mysterious” sign of them all, and the most magnetic. The scorpion comes from the story of Orion the Hunter, he was always chasing after the giant scorpion but it always eluded him.

Some astrologers have related the scorpion to the dragon the beast that has to be slain by the hero. Nevertheless Scorpio takes a little understanding.

First, it is a water sign; connected to the emotions, and that shimmering, visionary quality of liquids as light gets reflected off of it. Water signs are less rational than the other signs, they go more from how they feel about situations and people.

Second, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, which relates it to areas of power and aggression, and also crisis that people experience during times of personal turmoil. Mars also brings up the famous sexuality angle to Scorpio. Mars is a planet chiefly of desire, it goes for what it wants; and a lot of times Mars wants sex right away.

Thirdly, Scorpio is a fixed sign; it is of a type of energy that prefers to stay the same and can be rather stubborn at times. A lot of Scorpios are known for their persistence in their preferred ways, and they can be quite immovable from their positions. Their great advantage here is they can tremendous persistence, and they are not quitters.

So with Scorpio you have fixed water sign ruled by Mars; it can be very stubborn in its ways to the point of obsession and beyond; it is not exactly rational, it moves from it’s emotions and feelings; and it can be quite aggressive, passionate, and downright scary at times.

Scorpio can also be very fascinated with the hidden side of life: metaphysics, the occult and the deeper areas of psychology. If you’re a little mysterious yourself, a Scorpio is going to be attracted to you.

He/she also requires a little understanding on your part that he/she can be extremely driven in ways which are not exactly understandable at first glance; they can’t just explain off the bat what is occupying their attention. You don’t need to be “afraid” of them; you just have to understand where they are coming from.

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