Seductive Letters To Him & Her

Do you like to write a sexy, seductive love letter to give to your partner to make him/her more passionate about you? Then you can find lots of love letters here that are just right for you! You can find a large collection of best love letters here for seducing your loved one – whether you are already in a relationship, or if you are aiming to attract that person you adore.

Simply open the love letters below and choose which one is more seductive and sounds perfect, then choose it. Enjoy!

Seductive Letters To Him And Her

Missing Your Lips – Seductive Letter to him & her

My dearest _______,

It’s been a while that we have been apart from each other… and I can’t describe how much I miss you day and night.

Every night, when I lie down on my bed, I almost feel you hugging me from behind and caressing my face. Oh, how much I miss feeling your tender lips against mine.

But I’m not sad but happy and hopeful, because we’ll be meeting each other very soon.

Meanwhile, your love is the sunshine of my day. Thinking about you or just hearing your name in my mind gives me so much hope and energy to go through my day.

Oh, how sweet it is to be in love with an angel like you!

Love you forever,

In a Kiss – Seductive Letter to him & her

Dear _____,

I ________ heaven in your kiss. When we met, my knees felt _____, and my heart ________ madly. You instantly swept me off my feet. And when you held my hand and kissed me, I soared to heaven and haven’t drifted back down to the earth yet. I never want to.

I want to continue to soar through the clouds with you, caressed by _______ starlight and guided by the bliss of true _______.


To My Gorgeous Lover – Seductive Letter to him & her

Hey my gorgeous _______!

How have you been doing today?

Just wanted to let you know that I love you, and am looking forward to seeing you again in the evening.

I miss your sweet lips, your lovely hands when they touch me, your beautiful eyes with a depth of an ocean, and your body warmth next to mine.

So honey, come back home soon cuz I’m waiting for you with open arms.

Love you and you are beautiful/handsome forever!

(Note: This love letter is perfect to send as a surprise email. Also, it is a good idea to leave it in his/her work bag when your partner is going to work.)

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