Short Cute Love Sayings

I don’t think you will ever comprehend the hold you have on me.

Here’s to the starry nights and careless freedom, to glowing smiles and flushed cheeks, and laughter that heals you deep inside.

You talk to me and I remember how every word lingered on your lips for hours. I close my eyes and try to remember the way you felt next to me days after you’ve gone. And somehow I know that years from now, thoughts of you will still keep me awake at night.

You laugh and ask what that look on my face is about, and I laugh because it’s always you I’m grinning about.

It’s nights like this I feel alive. When every sentence we make is a promise. Holding our arms up to the sky, like every breath we’re taking is perfect.

You’re the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about as the sun rises in the morning.

I wish that I could make you feel beautiful all of the time. I wish that you would always feel the way I do when you have your arm around me, your head on my shoulder, or your eyes locked with mine. I wish that the thrill I get when you kiss me would constantly surge through you and that your heart would never quit racing the way mine does when I think about how lucky I am to be yours.

There’s a sort of magic in that twinkle in your eye, and I can tell from the way you smile that you know how I desperately need you.

I wish the world was flat like the old days. Then I could travel just by folding a map. No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways. There’d be no distance that could hold us back.

I wake up for you and only you.

There’s something about the way the hair falls in your face.

You held me so tight I couldn’t breathe, but there wouldn’t be a better way to die.

Do you remember when you told me you’d protect me? I’d never felt so safe.

I came here with a load, and it feels so much lighter since I met you. Honey, you should know that I could never go on without you.

I like the way my body feels when it’s with yours.

I’m scared, I’m worried, and I’m unsure; but above all of that, I’m thankful.

If he takes time to argue with you, he cares about you more than you think.

Here I’m just writing you a letter, from the distance past enclosed a photograph to remind you of the times we had.

I lifted my head and kissed him with a passion that might possibly set the forest on fire.

Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream your heart out.

Sometimes I wish I had never met you, because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there. –Good Will Hunting

You feel like a candle in a hurricane, just like a picture with a broken frame.

If I was only gonna be alive for one minute, I’d spend it looking into your eyes.

I want to rescue myself from my own insanity, I just need you to be there to pick up the pieces if I can’t.

Rescue me with your smile,
oh won’t you please sit down and stay for a while?

I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a crowed room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up.

Music is normally meant for the ears, yet it travels down deep to the heart.

If you look for the worst in people and expect to find it, you surely will.

Here might have been a time when I would let you step away, I wouldn’t even try; but I think you can save my life. Hold your breath, little lungs, the tide is holding us beneath. I am the sky and you are the sea, you are the one who colors me. Oh, I bet I’ll never know. I bet we’ll never know.

Envy is ignorance; imitation is suicide. ~R.W. Emerson

Most relationships tend to fail not because the absence of love. Love is always present. It’s just that one was being loved too much and the other was being love too little.

Sometimes, you think you’re already over a person, but when you see them smile at you, you’ll suddenly realize that you’re just pretending to be over them just to ease the pain of knowing that they will never be yours again.

The only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you’re awake. ~John O’Callaghan

The greatest irony of love; loving the right person at the wrong time, having the wrong person when the time is right and finding out you love someone right after that person walks out of your life.

Most often we fall in love with the person we think we love but to only discover that for them, we are just for passing time while the one who truly loves us remains either a friend or a stranger. So here’s a piece of advice; let go when you’re hurting too much, give up when love isn’t enough, and move on when things are not like before. For sure there is someone out there who will love you even more.

Love can make you do things that you never thought possible.

True lovers don’t say they love each other, they know they do.

The heart knows when the search is over.

True love is what humanity needs to keep hope alive and to make life worth living.

Sometimes just holding hands is like holding on to everything.

True love is when you touch another’s soul just by being yourself.

Death can not stop true love, it can only delay it for a little while.

It’s amazing how your true love could be the person you never imagined being with.

A full bottle of wine may not be intoxicating but a single drop of true love intoxicates.

True love can blind you but at the same time if you let it, it can also open your eyes.

The only guy who deserves you is the one who thinks he doesn’t.

All that you may truly love is worth waiting for, no matter how long the time in-between may be.

Forever with you, would pass too quickly.

Guys always make girls cry. But if a girl makes a guy cry, she must really mean something to him.

Time waits for no one, while love waits for a fool.

Birds are entangled by their feet and men by their tongues.

To live without loving is to not really live.

Don’t let your mind rule over your heart.

When I am with you, I really wish time had broken wings. –quote- The flame of our love will never die, for it burns through the stars for eternity.

You will never lose by loving. You will always lose by holding back.

In a perfect world there would be no need for mirrors, because every girl would have a guy to tell them they’re BEAUTIFUL.

You get into the biggest fights with the people you care about the most because those are the relationships you are willing to fight for.

Never keep from saying something simply becuase you’re scared of the answer. You may miss your only chance to say it.

If we could decide who to love, it would be much simpler but less magical.

We’re all a little weird and life is a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

Nobody is perfect…until you fall in love with them.

You can`t just wake up and stop loving someone. And if you can then it wasn`t really love to begin with.

If he misses you, he’ll call. If he wants you, he’ll say it. And if he cares, he’ll show it. If not, he can’t be worth your time because you’re obviously not worth his.

I just can`t wait until the day I hear a happy love song on the radio and don`t want to smash that damn thing.

Love is giving someone the power to completely crush you, but trusting them not to.

Love is just a word until you find someone who gives it the definition.

The best things in life can never be kept. They must be given away. A Smile, A Kiss and Love.

If she is responsible with your smile, be responsible with her heart.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.

If it’s a crime to love you then I’ll be sentenced to death.

If he’s the first thing you think of when you wake up, the only thing you think of when you’re awake, and the last thing you think of when you sleep, then he is really something SPECIAL.

LOVED isn`t a word. LOVE has no past tense. If you love someone, you`ll ALWAYS love matter what.

When you can`t stop smiling after you talk to him, and you still get butterflies in your stomach, and that huge smile across your face every time you see him .. let’s you know he`ll always be something to you.

It`s easy to fall in love. It`s hard to find someone who’ll catch you.

Did you ever stick your arms out and spin and spin and spin? Well, that’s what Love is like.

No one realizes the beauty of love, until you’re caught in it.

Find someone who treats your flaws as no big deal.

True love is when you can have fun together no matter where you are.

The right guy will come along someday, you just have to tough it out and wait for him. But whatever you do, don’t settle. You deserve so much more.

I wish falling in love had traffic lights, so that I would know if I should go for it, slow down, or just stop.

You can`t help who you love. You`re not supposed to. – SAVE THE LAST DANCE

Based on psychologic study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, then you are already in love.

Yeah, “I love you” is three very important words that can change a young girl’s heart and she only hears them once in a while. But “I hate you” is three words that break a young girl’s heart everyday..

You never realize how much you like someone until you watch them like someone else.

If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever.

You do your thing, I`ll do mine. You go your way, I’ll go mine. And, if we end up together, it`s beautiful.

Where my future leads, I don`t know. But if you`re not there, then I don`t want to go..

You really do fall for someone only if you’ve seen them at their best, their worst, been with them for a full day , and wanting to spend one million more with them.

When your relationship starts to break down, you need AAA: an Apology, Affection, and a promise of Action.

To the world you’re just one person but to one person you could mean the world.

Honestly I don’t need someone that sees the good in me. I need someone who sees the bad, and still wants me.

Love ends so quickly but lasts forever in our hearts.

Love when you’re ready. Not when you are lonely.

To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.

Anyone can make you happy by doing something special, but only someone special can make you happy without doing anything at all.

I could fall for you over and over again and still never learn my lesson.

You make me believe that I could be someone some day.

True love stories never have endings.

If you live to be one hundred, then I want to life to be one hundred minus one because I never want to live a day without you.

You make me sick because I adore you so.

We always ignore the ones who adore us and adore the ones who ignore us.

You are my happy ending.

You’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep.

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Love is old,
Love is new,
Love is all,
Love is you.
– The Beatles

Love doesn’t always have to be all sparkle and high emotion; sometimes it’s just a warm hand and a mutual appreciation for the view.

The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead. – Marilyn Monroe

Isn’t it ironic that we fall for the boy who we promised ourselves we wouldn’t?

The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze.

The same love that makes me laugh, makes me cry.

Love is a feeling you can’t describe with words. If you can’t explain it, chances are it’s love.

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. — Janos Arany

You never stop loving someone. Either you never did, or you always will.

Tell him yes. Even if you are dying of fear, even if you are sorry later, because whatever you do, you will be sorry all the rest of your life if you say no. — Love In The Time Of Cholera

Together is a perfect place to be because it’s there that you can be delightfully imperfect and there’s nothing closer to perfection than being loved just because you are.

The hardest thing in this world is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, and mistakes but still loves everything about you.

Love is strengthened by working through conflicts together.

True love never leaves the heart. So, if you don’t love me now, you didn’t love me then.

The best feeling in the world is to be a million miles away and still be able to picture his eyes.

For every minute that you are angry at someone, you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you can never get back.

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.

Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl’s mind.

Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher.

Love works in mysterious ways. You get this person who’s all wrong for you and yet somehow it just works.

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