The Reason Why Women Like Jerks

This is a mystery that men often try to find the answer to, and women often struggle to figure out why in the world they are attracted to jerks instead of the nice guy.

Now to say all women are attracted to jerks is a generalize statement that would be untrue. However, I think it is safe to say more women are attracted to jerks than the typical nice guy.

I think the biggest reason why women are attracted to jerks is because they present a challenge. The jerk shows confidence which is an attractive trait to women. (Although the confidence factor may be shield they hide behind).

The mindset of many nice guys is equivalent to saying the words “I love you” on the first date. The truth is most women don’t want to be with a pansy. It has to do with the basic human instincts all women have within them.

The instinct that they need to find a man that can take care of them, provide, and protect them from danger. The nice guy’s personality often sends the wrong message. It says “I’m desperate and I need you because I can’t cope with life without you”.

When a woman senses this type of personality, plan on her making a beeline towards the nearest jerk. Now women have to understand that not every nice guy is insecure.

Women often need to look a little deeper into the nice guy’s personality. They need to understand that even though they may not be much of a challenge, they will most likely provide a fuller relationship, and be a person that actually cares about their feelings and well being in the long run.

Remember, every decision you make has a consequence. Be careful about being too hard on the nice guy and falling for the jerk. You may wake up five years down the road with 3 kids, a failed marriage and a jerk on your doorstep. At that point, that nice guy you met a few years back might not have been such a bad choice after all.

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