True friendship quotes

  1. Every person who passes through our lives passes alone, it is because each person is unique and none replaces the other! Every person who goes through our lives passes by himself and does not leave us alone because he leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us. This is the most beautiful responsibility in life and the proof that people do not meet by chance.
  2. Friendship ends sometimes in love but rarely love in friendship.
  3. Love is when two people make magic every moment. There are no boring moments with them. It is the life that shares endless happiness and always a joyful heart.
  4. There is no one like you who makes me smile even on the darkest day of my life. You knew exactly how to cheer my day. I thank god for your life.
  5. The perfect relationship is made up of 2 imperfect people who are always trying to do the best for the other.

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