True Inspirational Love Quotes

True Inspirational Love Quotes

  1. Love is like a deep-sea, the deeper you go, the deeper you see a new world.
  2. The cure of love is hidden in love.
  3. The cure of hate lies in love.
  4. Love is the best policy to defeat your enemy.
  5. You can never win love by the help of power and wealth.
  6. Love makes right path for us to live a peaceful life.
  7. Never try to testify your beloved in love.

Great Inspirational Love Quotes

  1. Love blends flavours in life.
  2. Who he finds his love is blessed.
  3. Bravery is not to defeat others with physical force but to win others with love.
  4. One, who is kind, is or has been in love with someone in life.
  5. Love makes two equal to eleven and one equal to nothing.
  6. Those who love have the heart to sacrifice for others.
  7. The feeling of being loved frees one from all the sorrows of life.
  8. Love, self-assurance and friends are most valuable in life.
  9. My heart always wished to be your lover but could not become even a good friend.
  10. Love is not a physical attraction as one can’t stay reasonable with it.
  11. Love is a fire and can be extinguished by more love.
  12. Love is a two edged sword which ruins and cuts lover with both ends.
  13. Never say I love you while you don’t mean it, because it might force the other to lose his/her nerves.
  14. Life without love is like a body without breath and soul.

Inspirational Love Quotes

  1. Love is a fearless emotion; it makes a coward, a brave soldier.
  2. Love is a plant and marriage is its fruit
  3. Love is only successful when it is blind.
  4. Love makes you beggar and humble.
  5. Love can make a common man a philosopher.
  6. Love is fearless; it can beat the whole world.
  7. Love can make whole world a peaceful place to live in.
  8. Only true love makes man immortal.
  9. A true love always remains alive, becomes history and never dies.
  10. A true love inspires man to do anything to find his lover.
  11. Love is the name of passion, zeal, enthusiasm and craze which just thinks about his beloved, sees his beloved, obeys his beloved and dies for his beloved.
  12. There is only one subject in love and that is love.
  13. Love can win the hearts of whole world.
  14. The most beautiful thing in one’s life is to love and to be loved.
  15. Love never sees any darkness in the path; love can find hundreds of paths to walk on to find his love.
  16. The first sign of love is the feeling of possessiveness for someone.
  17. A heart can only have rest when his lover is with him.
  18. Love only knows one word before his lover and that is yes.
  19. Love is not a lesson to teach but a God gifted art.
  20. Love prevails from heart to the brain; love relationship cannot be tear apart.
  21. Love is not like knitting a sweater, but breaking stones standing at the top of the hill.

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