Valentines Day Gifts

Five Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts to Give Your Sweetie

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and shops all over the world are already selling possible gift items for the occasion. Have you already thought of what gift to give your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? If you are still thinking about it and are at a loss as to what to give your beloved as a Valentine’s Day present, here are five gift ideas that you can ponder on. You may find that these gift ideas are some of the most popular gifts that lovers receive on Valentine’s Day, but you can always put your own touch on it to make it unique and to make it work.

Idea #1: Dark Chocolates and Red Roses

It is true that chocolates and roses are typical gifts that a guy gives to a girl he wants to be romantic with. So what is new with giving dark chocolates and red roses to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Here is the thing: You make sure that the chocolates are not just any chocolates but dark chocolates, and the roses are red.

Dark chocolates are a temptation that anyone can afford to give in. Indulging in a bite or two of dark chocolate a day can actually strengthen your heart, improve your blood circulation and boost your immune system; in other words, keep you healthy. Thus, if you give your sweetie dark chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it shows that you care enough about them to worry about their health.

As for the roses, they are lovely. What girl or guy does not like roses? They also go well with chocolates.

Idea #2: A New Mobile Phone

If your sweetie is thinking of upgrading his or her cellphone, you might as well take the initiative and buy one as a gift for Valentine’s Day. When you buy a cellphone, though, make sure that it is something that your sweetie will find cool to use. The “coolness” factor is something you should never ignore, especially if your sweetie is a person who likes his or her gadgets.

To make the gift more romantic, put a picture of the two of you that you like and set it up as the wallpaper on the cellphone. In that way, whenever your sweetie turns the phone on, the first thing that they will see is your picture.

Idea #3: Perfume

Are you and your sweetie already on intimate terms with each other? Then the perfect gift you should get for your sweetie is a bottle of perfume. Choose a scent that best describes how much you know your sweetie and what your sweetie means to you. So, whenever your sweetie sprays some of that perfume on, he or she will think of you.

Better yet, on Valentines Day, you should present the gift by spraying some on your beloved yourself. Who knows where that will lead, on a romantic day such as Valentine’s Day?

Idea #4: A Weekend Getaway

If you and your sweetie have spent the last few weeks being so busy that you hardly had time to be lovers, maybe you should clear the weekend and go on a holiday. You can book a room at a special hotel and spend the weekend locked in there. You can go to the beach or on a short cruise. You can also go hiking or camping. The point here is to be alone together, doing things that the two of you like doing.

When you go on a weekend getaway, make sure that you clear your schedules. Leave your laptops and keep your mobile phones turned off. Arrange for a babysitter if you have kids, or drop them off at their grandparents. Also, keep your mind open for new adventures that will rekindle the flames of romance and renew your relationship.

Idea #5: Just Spend Time Together

In reality, you do not have to buy something just to be able to give your sweetie a gift on Valentine’s Day. In fact, if you cannot afford to buy your sweetie a gift, then give them the gift of time. It is probably the best gift that you can give your beloved on this special day of romance.

You can spend Valentine’s Day at home watching DVDs of your favorite movies. You can order a pizza and eat it by candlelight. You can also sit together in a room lit with nothing but candlelight and talk the night away.

There are so many gift ideas that you can think of to give your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. But whatever you do, do not forget to say “I love you” and make your sweetie feel that you really mean it.

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