Virgo Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

VIRGO [Aug. 22 – Sept. 23]

Daily Virgo horoscope

Date: June 13, 2024

You are very impulsive and restless now and you are likely to act or speak too quickly without sufficient forethought or concern for the consequences. You tend to be verbally aggressive, starting fights with people who don’t agree with you or who simply get in your way. Positively, you are very sharp and clear mentally at this time, and can attack problems and tasks with great vigor.

Weekly Virgo horoscope

Date: June 13 week

This is going to be an excellent week for career and financial gains. Social obligations would be met easily and you’d be popular among your friends this week. A few outings are indicated this week which you are going to enjoy. Your efforts at work would be appreciated and your superiors are going to be happy with you this week. All in all good week ahead for you.

Monthly Virgo horoscope

Date: June 2024

For Virgo (Kanya) Ascendant or Lagna this month promises all round success in Career and Business deals. Financially you will be quite strong in this month. Those who are single should expect to find some one they love, it is also going to be good month for married people also. Students may experience lack of peace and mental tensions and may not get the desired results. Health will be normal for you. Career, Incomes and Gains In the begining of the month, ascendant lord Mercury would be transiting over the Virgo but later it will move over the Libra on 4th of November while Dhanesh Venus would be transiting over the ascendant. This is an auspicious transit of both planets. For that reason, major changes will occur in the area of your life described here and you will put together new personal behavior and attitudes in your life. This influence depends very much on how large a role safety and security play in your professional life. Financially, you will find yourself in very strong position. Money might come from various sources. Those are in service might obtain promotion or other types of gains. Definitely, this Deepawali would be very auspicious and prosperous. Mars Transit over the 10th, will boost your social respect and it will enhance your name and fame. Probably, your opponents would not be able to harm you at all. However, you should keep a distance from litigations, disputes and illegal activities as Sun is transiting over the 2nd house in sign of debilitation till 16th of November. Business will achieve new profitable deals and big profit. If safety is paramount, you will want to expand the foundations of whatever represents security for you now. As this may well be property, you could wish to move into a larger home or business, and indeed it certainly pays to invest in land and buildings now. Providing that you can trust your instincts in these matters, then property acquisition or expansion is favored. Love, Family and Social Life Karaka planet of love Venus would be transiting over the Virgo sign. As per Indian Vedic astrology, Venus is a functional benefic planet for those who are born under the Virgo ascendant. Consequently its transit over the ascendant and aspect over the 7th house would be advantageous. Those are single and seeking their partner; slightly get success in their efforts. And those are already in love or engaged with someone would be enjoying their love or personal life. A new freshness and mutual cooperation is indicated in relationship. Both of you would like to spare various moment together. Two major planets Jupiter and Venus both have direct aspect over the 7th house, therefore, those are unmarried might get married. This is a higher-charged period for you emotionally, so you will probably also want to expend your energies on domestic or family matters. Education and Traveling Panchmesh ( 5th Lord) Saturn is transiting over the 12th, Chaturthesh ( 4th Lord) Jupiter is transiting over the 3rd and Bhagyesh (the karaka planet of higher studies) Venus is transiting over the ascendant in sign of debilitation. Unfortunately, these all concerned planets are transiting over the unfavorable houses or position. That’s why, success in study related matters would not be your cup of tea. There might be a lack of concentration and mental peace. Your output would not be sufficient for cherished results. In fact, there is a need to put your best so that you might reap encouraging results. If, you’re going for an interview or other competitive exam, you need have to do extra or pre-planning. Commercial short distance journeys would be fruitful as well profitable. Hence, prefer to short-distance journeys instead of long-distance journeys. Health Any new and major disease is not indicated by transiting planets. Only old or chronic diseases would be a cause of pain and sluggish health.

Yearly Virgo horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is an encouraging time towards you. Vitality and confidence are the keywords for this year. You will be tactful in dealing with people. Your philanthropic trend of mind may make you donate to charitable institutions. Business consultants an real estate businesses will make money. You may get wealth through partners. During April 2024. You will gain victory over enemies. Domestic life will be successful. You will go on a pleasure trip to a distant place. Marriage will take place in your family during 2024. Politicians will win elections. Possibility of childbirth in the family can be predicted during the year. Great difficulty will be experienced for not having sincere subordinate and efficient drivers and talented cooks. There will be troubles from pets even though pets ca give you relief from the monotony of work. You will spend heavily in order to get your health as perfect. The business enterprises that you undertake during this year will be successful. Possibility of getting inherit property cannot be ruled out. Speculation might work. You will spend more amount and time on music luxury items, decoration and entertainments. You will deviate from your daily routines during July and August 2024. Extra care should be taken while handling animals, vehicles, weapons, fire explosives and electricity. Your children will get better opportunities for higher studies during May, June, and July 2024. You will make your fortunes more at abroad than home. You may buy a well-furnished new house and a cab. Domestic life will be charming. You will arrange a pilgrimage with whole family members. You will rejoice with your pets. Your creative best can be displayed during 2024. You will be familiar with top executives big guns and you will get support from them. Government will issue orders favouring you. You will attend religion services or ceremonies frequently during November ad December 2024. Please make optimum use of your gift of the cab and it can lead you to a successful career. There will be a smooth flow of income in the family. You may fall in love with your neighbor. Love at first sight or even a sudden marriage can be expected during April 2024. Your pleasing manners will stimulate you to win friends. Friends will stand by you through thick and thin. Those who are working in public institutions should have a better time. Connection with foreigners will do you good. There is possibility of missing your belongings. Robbery or theft can be predicted. You will be in hunger even though you are having sufficient cash in your purse. It is advisable to wear golden sapphire jewel (gem) with golden ring in your first finger.

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