Virgo Men Compatible With You? – 7 Virgo Characteristics You Must Know

Are you looking for Virgo men?, or would you like to love and seduce one in particular? Are you compatible with him? You must know the personality of Virgo, and particular Virgo traits, before taking Virgo as a lover.

These 7 Virgo characteristics will help you to determine your love compatibility with Virgo men and give you dos and don’ts to help make your own Virgo man fall for you.

1. Virgo men are grounded individuals and often come across as being reserved or shy. They appear sensitive and generally do not fit the “macho man” mold. Most of the time that calm exterior successfully hides the tightly strung aspect of the Virgo personality within.

2. They often have great difficulty in talking about their feelings. Virgo men tend not to show their emotions; they repress their sexual passion and it takes time to be awakened. Indeed Virgo man rarely enters relationships on a purely sexual basis. The key to loving and seducing a Virgo man is to take your time to really get to know him.

3. Virgo men are analytical in their thinking and pay great attention to detail. They love to plan everything; in great detail! Once you’ve got to really know him, and he you, it may be you who asks for the first date – just don’t be too hasty.

They have to really think things through before committing themselves to anything. He will probably want to have everything worked out well in advance too so have some idea of the time and the place before you ask, and fully involve him in planning ahead.

4. Virgo men are very neat and organized in all aspects of their life and expect this from others. In case you get back to your place make sure it is clean and tidy; remember the importance of order to Virgo man.

5. Virgo men take great pride in their appearance and look after their health and well being. Smart dress, good manners and punctuality are very important to the Virgo man; both in themselves and in those they choose as friends or partners. Virgo man hates any form of tardiness or vulgarity.

6. They are crucial in their criticisms, and can become arbitrary and selfish, expecting perfection. They feel called upon to tell disagreeable truths to people “for their own good.” They genuinely see this as well meaning advice. Be prepared to take criticism; Virgo man will not hold back on telling you how you could do something better – and he certainly will not appreciate any back-chat!

7. The ones Virgo Man chooses can count on their loyalty implicitly. His intense passion is reserved exclusively for the lucky lover who wins his heart. Virgo Man loves to serve and will not let down those special to him. He is very thoughtful and despises any thoughtlessness in others.

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