What Are The 5 Types Of Dreams

In order to understand dream meanings you need to understand dream types the following is a list of dream types.

Day dreaming

A day dream is the loss of focus from the real physical environment and a movement into a narrowing thought which blocks all other environmental stimuli.

An example could be thought of as tunnel vision where a person narrows down to their immediate surroundings and even though they are physically seeing the entire scene they are only processing a narrow tunnel view.

Day Dreams can be negative or positive ie you could be rehearsing a speech in your mind and visualizing your success this could also be called a “awake Rehearsal Dream”.

Lucid dreaming

Is where is a person is dreaming and comes to the understanding that they are in a dream state. Your subconscious mind may be triggered into “dream realization” by some great feat your are performing in your sleep such as flying ( which is impossible). Sometimes in a lucid dream you can attempt to alter the dreamscape and direct your dream.

Some people think of a nightmare as a form of lucid dream. This is the most important type of dream as far as understand dream meanings.


Are dreams which appear and create a emotional reaction of being scared or upset – sometimes a person can be awoken by a nightmare. They may have the effect of making a person sweat or perspire during sleep. Nightmares are often remembered when consciousness returns..

Nightmares are in themselves perfectly normal what is not normal is the frequency.
The frequency factor can be an indication of external causes such as stress, drug/chemical dependency etc.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams by definition are dreams which reoccur with subtle differences in content. They are often of a particular period or scene of our lives which we find pleasurable however they can nightmares which may point to some underling psychological disorder or issue.

Another common reason for recurring dreams is that they are an attempt by the subconcsouse to
“Solve problems”

Prophetic Dreams

Its a dream where you believe the content is something to happen in the future
(most people dont have these types of dreams) often these types of dreams are of impending doom. So unless your a strong believer of Nostradamus your unlikely to have one. What you likely to have is a dream where you mind sub-conscious mind pieces together information that your normal conscious misses.