What Attracts a Scorpio Woman?

Scorpio women ooze with sexual aura and confidence. A Scorpio woman was born as a seductress and their piercing and smoldering eyes never fail to attract a typical male any time of the day.

They love strong men and they make pretty passionate lovers – loving a Scorpio woman is one hell of the ride and your bedroom sessions will always be far from boring.

So what exactly attracts a Scorpio woman? Do you have what it takes to capture the heart of this free-spirited, wild siren? Here are the five qualities you should have to tempt the female Scorpion:

Strong personality.

A true blue alpha male — this kind of man will always be more appealing and charming to a Scorpio woman. They love a man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get them. Being extremely passionate, a Scorpio woman finds danger very attractive — and will effortlessly play with fire. So expect a very intense and exhilarating relationship once you’ve captured her heart.

Oozing with sex appeal. 

A Scorpio woman enters a room and she definitely stands out from the rest. There is just something very sexy and different about these women — they ooze with undeniable charm and sexy aura that men find totally irresistible. Of course, she will definitely hook up with someone just as hot. So if you want to get lucky with a Scorpio woman, you better develop some sex appeal in you.

Dominant and independent.

Being sweet and nice is nice, but if you want to have a relationship with a Scorpio woman, she wants you to be a little tough and dominant. Their greatest fear is getting stuck with a slow-witted, dense male partner so better do something this soon. Project confidence and be independent. They want a guy who can stand in his own two feet and can handle himself no matter the situation is.


A little tyranny never hurts and what’s surprising is that Scorpio women find this trait very likable. They want a man who never takes crap from anyone, is cool but in control at the same time.


Passionate, intense and smoldering — this is how a Scorpio woman defines love. Romance is an integral part of her being and if it’s not mad love, it’s not worth it at all. These women are very emotional and strong intuition and they rely on gut feeling most of all. So better be loyal and true from the very beginning if you want her to stay faithful to you as well.

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