What Kind of Women Do Aries Men Like?

Aries men are known for their every strong personality and amazing leadership skills. These men are more often than not, the alpha male of the zodiacs and will not stop at nothing to get what they want. They know how to take control and they always are the leader of the pack.

So what do they exactly look for in a female? What kind of women do Aries men like? Do you have the personality to make you standout and make a male Aries fall hard for you? Then, you must have the following sexy traits. The Aries man will definitely get uncontrollably attracted and seduced by you:

What Kind of Women Do Aries Men Like?


The male Aries loves a challenge and will defy all odds just to get you. So the more you try to play hard to get, the harder he’ll try to please you. However, once you’re caught, he’ll stop the chase — but will definitely let you feel you’re lucky you made him catch you.


Intrigue his mind and don’t be too transparent with your feelings. The Aries male loves to solve riddles and reading between the lines — they love a free-spirited and exciting female! Don’t say yes to every whim — instead, speak your mind but respect his opinions as well. A strong Aries seeks for a strong woman.


One fascinating and dominant trait of Aries men is that they don’t give up easily — heck, they actually don’t give-up. They never quit and they will always make use of all their options to reach their goals. They love obstacles and they have fun playing with danger. A life with an Aries man will always be thrilling and full of adventure.


Sure, a male Aries can be totally sweet and romantic — but don’t expect them to baby-sit you all the way. They find smart and independent women very attractive, who know what they want and will not stop in getting them — just like them. The Aries has a very crazy zest for life and they’re always positive. They want a woman who will support them with their dreams and passions and encourage them more to be a much better man.

Oozing with sex appeal

Here’s a secret you should definitely know about Aries men — they can get pretty rough and wild in bed. Expect mind-blowing lovemaking sessions with the ram — sex is a very vital need. So learn to build your confidence and ooze with sex appeal. Send him flirty signals and make use of strong body language — Aries men are sensual lovers and you won’t regret hooking up with one. Believe me.

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