Beatles Love Quotes

Beatles Love Quotes are one of the famous love quotes in the world.  Here are some love quotes which explain the true meanings of beatles love quotes in simple words.

  1. The need of life is love and without love existence of life seems odd.
  2. You know the reality of your personality but when someone likes you, what a beautiful feeling it is that you have become most beautiful person in the world for someone.
  3. If no one is ready to help or walk with you, lover can sacrifice everything for what your heart says.
  4. Lover and beloved don’t take money into consideration as love is the wealth of all worlds.
  5. In seven days of week and thirty days of month I love and care for you and in the same way I want to lead my all weeks, months and years of life.
  6. Whenever I suffer from a trouble, my love comes to me to comfort and take all tensions with him.

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