Characteristics Of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

A person with their Moon in Scorpio is ruled by their intense, passionate and secretive emotional state. Their memory is so accurate that any past tragedies will be so deeply ingrained in their mind that they can form psychological scars. It should come as no surprise then that these people tend to be moody. But the secretive part of their nature can make it so that no one else can see what is going on in there. Even those who think they are close to this person are only aware of a carefully revealed piece of the overall puzzle.

The passion in this sign extends into the area of sexuality. But these people usually have problems in relationships due to their need for control, ego and possessiveness. They put themselves so deep into a relationship that it becomes a part of their identity.

If that relationship ends, it is in fact as if they have lost a piece of their own being. Despite all of their egotistical strutting and seemingly cold attitudes, this person is deeply sensitive. That’s why all of the smoke and mirrors are necessary.Those with their Moon in Scorpio are extremely judgmental. They judge a book on its cover and are not easily swayed away from that negative first impression.

Their manner is intense but impulsive. If someone wrongs them in any way, there will be retribution of a forceful and determined nature. Unfortunately, this sign is easily offended so grudges and revenge plots are common occurrences.

If the people in their life give them space to operate, don’t try to control them and can tolerate their moods the chances of an emotional (or physical) fight will be minimized. Their determination carries over well into the business world as any goal they have set, they will accomplish. Challenges are just things to be overcome.

Despite their own tendency for secrecy, they can see through other people’s motives and guards to correctly deduce what is happening in any situation. Controlling and independent, this person will probably be in some position of leadership. They are also incredibly stubborn, to the point that they will hold onto an issue (or person) long after the intelligence of doing so has passed.

The description may make it seem like those with their Moon in Scorpio should be avoided at all costs. But these people aren’t “bad” by any stretch and can be a wonderful ally and partner to have around. Passion and involvement are considered ideal traits to have in a partner. The Scorpio influence just delivers those things in large, strong doses.

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