Gemini Horoscope Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2021 – 2022

GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

Daily Gemini horoscope

Date: July 18, 2024

This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run. The trivial details and business of day-to-day living does not dominate your attention now. Reading books or articles of an inspirational nature or on subjects of personal growth and development is very fruitful now. This is also an excellent time for business functions, negotiations, and communicating with the world at large.

Weekly Gemini horoscope

Date: July 18 week

This week is going to be difficult to love/married life. Avoid arguments with your lover/spouse as the same could back fire up on you. Most of your free time is going to spent to makeup with your lover/spouse . Due to this reason alone you’d be in tension most of the week. Small health worries concerning you and your father could be a sore point of this week. Tensions at work place can not be discounted , so be careful about what you say.

Monthly Gemini horoscope

Date: July 2024

For Gemini (Mithuna) Ascendant or Lagna this month indicates success in ventures and gains in business and work place. Tensions and difficulties are indicated in love/marital relations. Avoid getting in to misunderstandings and unnecessary arguments with your better half. Success in exams/competitions for students is expected. Health will be good. Career, Incomes and Gains Till the 4th of November ascendant lord Mercury would be transiting over the Virgo sign later it will move over the Libra sign which is occupied over the 5th house. This is an auspicious transit of Mercury. Therefore, those are in business would achieve success in all types of ventures. During this time your ideals will be aroused as they seldom are at other times, and you will approach life with a greater sense of compassion. People who cannot help themselves will win your sympathy especially, whether you encounter them personally or through working with others in a charitable enterprise. Your primary concern is to help individuals by giving them a hand. You may be less concerned with transforming the social order that has given rise to the conditions that oppress the people you are dealing with. Servicemen would also be benefited as karaka planet of service is transiting over the 3rd house. Hence, this is a time of balance and equilibrium in your life, when all your affairs seem to run smoothly and without much effort on your part. It is a time when you can relax and take it easy for a while, knowing that your life is in good working order. This is also a time when growth seems to occur without much effort – growth in consciousness, in your profession, in your social life or wherever you feel that personal growth is important. Investment in real estate, petroleum, telecom, banking and building materiel would be fruitful. Put your best and reap encouraging benefits. Love, Family and Social Life Saptmesh (7th Lord) Jupiter is transiting over the 6th house in Scorpio sign while 7th house is aspected by functional malefic planet Mars. Therefore, this combination would create difficulties and tensions in as far as your relationship is concerned. Those who are married won’t be capable to keep pleasant or cordial relationship with their life partner. Disputes and misunderstandings would be presence over the avoidable matters too. Peace of domestic life would be disturbed due to hot arguments. However, this month might be auspicious for those, who are unmarried so far. Transiting Venus and Mars at centre to each other might bring marital proposals for you. If, you put best efforts from your side, proposals might convert into marriage. Relations with parents would be cordial. Especially, you mother’s advice would be fruitful and positive results oriented. Education and Traveling 4th lord Mercury would be transiting over the 5th house while 5th lord Venus would be transiting over the 4th. It’s a very constructive transit of both planets as far as your education related matters are concerned. Success in exam is sure. Definitely, you will obtain encouraging results. Now you have potency to turn out circumstances into your favor. Even, you have capability to convert difficult situations in your support too. In other words, this month have a big box of success. Do not miss it go ahead and catch it. During this month short distance journeys are strongly indicated by planets. If, you’re palling for a foreign trip, it might happen in this month. Health As ascendant lord Mercury would be transiting over the Virgo till 4th of November later it would be transiting over the Libra. Hence, it is not indicating any major health trouble. However, influence of functional malefic planet Mars over the ascendant would be a cause of sluggish health. Therefore, do not be overconfident.

Yearly Gemini horoscope

Date: 2024

The year 2024 is really bad for you. Your revenue stream based or commissions from the manufactures will be down. The stability of the portfolio is also dependent on your financial objectives and risk profile. You will invest in stock and shares. But there will be great loss during March 2024 with stock exchange business. You will give advise to your friends. But you are unable to solve your problems. There will be great difficulty for keeping the words of honor. You will be sensitive to the needs of an investor and investor should be competent enough to provide tailor made opinions to suite an investor’s appetite. It will be better to invest your fixed income bearing securities like government bonds and corporate debenture papers. You will fail to understand the financial markets. You will face risks associated in investing income mutual funds. You will differ opinions with your superior and it will result repercussion in the official life. You will indulge secret things during July 2024. You will stretch the load. There will criticisms on you among your friends. Possibility of death of a best friend cannot be ruled out during October 2024. You will enjoy picnics during August 2024. You will have major pressure on the career. You will change your residence. Transfers and postings are conducting and you will become as one of the victim. There will be quarrels between your political parties. There will be considerable impact hearing your words. The pressure from family members will be high to purchase new vehicles. You should not give resignation to your firm as it will lead you in troubles. You have to play a key role in toppling the department. There will be death of a senior most member in the political party. There will be cold war between you and your life partner during August 2024. Your initiative and prompt action in organizing a convention will be highly commendable. There will be under currents through out the year between you and your office staff. You should be vigilant that you are having any vigilance case against you. You should keep your steps correctly. There will be chances for acting in films. You will enjoy festivals during March, April & May 2024. There may be petty criminal cases towards you. You will sign in important documents. You will negotiate certain programmes, which are beneficial to the nation. There will be restrictions in your day-to-day life, as you will suffer from epidemic type illness. You will be inclined by overwork mentally to take too much out of yourself and so bring on a breakdown of the nervous system and you should take rest to restore you to good health. You will be likely to become a great believer in some special form of diet which will be greatly to your advantage. It will be desirable to wear Blue Sapphire on golden ring.

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