How to Attract a Leo Woman

Leo women are dramatic, vivacious and notoriously bossy. If you have your eye on a particular Leo woman or want to attract Leo women in general then you’ll need to practice the art of seduction. Your sexual attraction can be enhanced by using these top tips.

  1. Leo women love gold. If you want to seduce a Leo woman then buy her some piece of gold jewellery. If your budget doesn’t run to that, then you can gift wrap some chocolates or candies in gold wrapping paper and your Leo girl will be truly impressed by you.
  2. Rather than a traditional bouquet of red roses, this is one of the best ways of how to seduce a Leo woman – a single big, bright yellow and sunny sunflower. The sunflower is one of the flowers associated with the Zodiac sign of Leo and Leo women love anything dramatic, over the top and flamboyant. Sunflowers fit the bill perfectly.
  3. Invite your Leo woman for a lunchtime drink. Because Leo women are ruled by the Sun, they are at their best when the sun is at its hottest and brightest at midday. This is when you will catch them in their full glorious best.
  4. A day at the beach or an evening at the theatre will result in a night of passion with a Leo woman. Leo women love the opportunity to strip off to their bikinis and soak up the rays of their ruling planet of the Sun. They also love drama, and the theatre is the perfect venue for them to indulge in their fantasy that one day they too could be centre stage with a rapturous audience applauding their every move. Make sure you book tickets for a light musical or romantic comedy to get them in a bright and breezy mood.
  5. The art of seduction is not lost on a Leo female. More than any other Zodiac sign they love to be worshipped and adored. They cannot get enough of your attention, flattery and compliments. Flattery will get you everywhere with a Leo woman.
  6. Leo woman are very bossy and like to control and dominate any situation they find themselves in. This applies to the bedroom too. They will want lovemaking on their terms and when, where and how will be decided by them. Let them take control and will be the best sex you ever had!

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