How to Make a Leo Fall in Love? 5 Secrets on How to attract the Lion

Behold the royal and luxurious sign of the zodiacs – Leo. The lion basks in the glory of his greatness and is not shy to boast about his gorgeousness and superiority.

That’s why a lover who knows how to compliment and ride on with a Leo’s narcissistic tendency will win the lion over like a cute, adorable kitten — they long for appreciation and they love to be showered with anything deluxe and beautiful.

Now, we’re not saying a Leo is totally materialistic — they just born to please the crowd and be the center of attention. So if you’re planning to attract one, here are the some things you should know on how to make a Leo fall in love with you:

How to Make a Leo Fall in Love?

Be agreeable.

I’m not saying you act dumb and say yes to their every whim — that’s being pathetic. Learn to respect each other’s opinion and believe me, you’ll be staying glued and all over each other all day. Leos are worldly beings and they are quite knowledgeable about a lot of things — so better know how to spar and engage them in an animated conversation as well.

Give them your undivided attention

Leo loves being the center of attention so give them a favor and let them be — Leos possess a certain degree of star quality so we can’t blame them if they want to be on the limelight all the time. One good thing about Leos however is that they don’t know how to say “no”. They yearn to please so they can make pretty good friends, lovers and partners.

Appear cool and laidback

If you want to impress a Leo, show them that you’re up for anything — always be in calm and laidback mood and they’ll want to be around you all the time. A super time conscious, tight worrying freak will turn them off big time, so loosen up and get adventurous.

Earn their trust

Leos can be pretty generous sometimes that they are often abused on when they’re being too bighearted. That’s why they can be get a little cautious when trying to trust someone. You need to show and let them realize that you can be trusted — invest on this well, take time for them to build trust and you’ll be reaping great rewards in the end.

Steal the limelight — once in a while

Sure, the lion is a fierce competitor but once you show them that hey, you’re up for the challenge, they will be greatly attracted to you. For some weird reason, you can win a Leo over when you beat them at something — the will admire you for being better than they are. They’ve been waiting for a match — and you better be up for the race.

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