Mission Impossible Quotes

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Quotes

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is a 2011 action spy film, and the fourth instalment in the Mission: Impossible series. It stars Tom Cruise, as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt, and is directed by Brad Bird.

  1. Benji Dunn: I’ll catch you..
  2. IMF Secretary: Your mission, should you choose to accept it…
  3. Ethan Hunt: With great power comes great responsibility.
  4. Ethan Hunt: Jump. Juuuump!
  5. Ethan Hunt: Light the fuse.
  6. Benji Dunn: I have arrived at the party!
  7. Ethan Hunt: Mission accomplished!
  8. Ethan Hunt: The countdown isn’t helping.
    Brandt: I’m just saying.
  9. Brandt: The rope isn’t long enough!
    Ethan Hunt: No shit!
  10. Brandt: [after getting out of a giant fan] That’s it. Next time, I get to seduce the rich guy.
  11. Ethan Hunt: We were unprepared, in the dark, and disavowed. And the only thing that functioned was this team.
  12. IMF Secretary: The President has initiated Ghost Protocol. The entire IMF has been disavowed.
  13. Ethan Hunt: I take care of my friends.
  14. Russian Agent: So we are on the same side?
    Ethan Hunt: [nodes weakly]
    Russian Agent: Hospital?
    Ethan Hunt: Uh-huh.
  15. Benji Dunn: Why am I Pluto? It’s not even a planet anymore! Brandt: Well, Uranus is still available. Benji Dunn: [sarcastically] Ha, it’s funny ‘cuz you said anus.
  16. Benji: We have to get there from the outside.
    Ethan Hunt: WE?
    Benji: Well, I’m on the computer.
    Brandt: And I’m just the helper, right?
  17. Benji Dunn: [showing a glove] Now remember: “Blue is glue!”.
    Ethan Hunt: And red?
    Benji Dunn: Dead.
  18. Brandt: 26 minutes till door knock… 25 minutes till door knock… 24 minutes till door knock…
    Ethan Hunt: The countdown is not helping.
  19. Benji Dunn: I thought you said Kremlin for a minute there [laughs].
  20. Brij Nath: Is that your husband or your boyfriend?
    Jane Carter: He’s more of a co-worker

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