Famous love quotes

The words which are said by famous people about love are known as famous love quotes. Here is a very nice collection of famous love quotes for all of you.

Best Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love is a bond between two hearts that ultimately turns two bodies into one soul.
  2. Love is the first feeling of this universe.
  3. He who does not love will someday, when he falls in love, sacrifice his life for his love: because no one can escape love.
  4. Love me till I take my last breath and then I will love you even more.
  5. Love is a supreme power that distracts mind and heart toward two different paths but still manages to be dominant on our decisions.

Famous Love Quotes

  1. You can only enjoy life when there is someone special for you to share happiness and sadness.
  2. A person who is sincere with himself can live a life of love by accepting realities.
  3. There is no special time for love and romance, all times are valid for it.
  4. A man can spend life without bread but don’t want to live without love.
  5. A person who can listen others with patience has a right to love others.
  6. These are relations which keep people together not chains which force them to gather at one place.
  7. Love is a source of sparkling for this world and love is the only diamond for which everyone desires.
  8. Time is the only disease which can make ends of everything, but it cannot vanish one thing and that is love.
  9. A person of loving nature is loved and appreciated by all.
  10. Love is a name of care, not a name of uttering sweet words from mouth.

Great Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love in teenage is a dreamy world, love in 20’s is a mix of dreamy and matured state and in 30’s you really know what love is.
  2. Growth of love is dependent on the force of attraction between two hearts.
  3. The strength of love is shown by how passionately you serve your lover.
  4. Love is no one’s legacy.
  5. We bore with the need of love.
  6. A boy is known by the girlfriend he keeps.
  7. In love “how much” is of low value but the way things are done is very important.

Beautiful Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love develops positive habits in you.
  2. Both aspects are lovely in love, crazy and sensible.
  3. Love takes you out from a common life.
  4. Love teaches you the lesson of humbleness.
  5. Beauty of any relation is hidden in love.
  6. Sky smile with millions stars to see love on earth.
  7. The Development of your personality starts when you feel love for any one.
  8. The base of love can be shook by the tool of hate.
  9. Progress of a character can be achieved by the power of love.
  10. Love is the name of tear and laugh too.
  11. Sadness is also a beautiful aspect in love.
  12. Love creates hope, and hope is the base of progress in life.
  13. Separation is an essential part of love.
  14. Love loses his meanings when we use it for our needs.

Cute Famous Love Quotes and Sayings

  1. Heart and eyes know the language of love.
  2. When I sleep, I don’t want to wake up as I see you in my dreams.
  3. My all dreams come true when I see you.
  4. The magnificence of life cannot be compared with the happiness of love as life without love is not mentionable.
  5. Love is a name to give not take.
  6. Second name of paradise is love.
  7. Love creates good nature in a bad habitual person.

Evergreen Famous Love Quotes

  1. To spend an ideal life silently is a sign on the paper of love made by flowers; this paper is the heart of your beloved.
  2. There is no age limit in love, love need only feeling, it can overwhelm at any stage of life.
  3. Love is like a green tree it gives cool shadow during hot days.
  4. Success of love is hidden in understanding.
  5. True love has no any demand to his beloved.
  6. Love is a name of special true emotions and feelings which just arise for beloved.
  7. Love is like a state and it needs a loving king of hearts to handle it.
  8. Love has a great demand of kindness and asks for sacrifices for beloved.
  9. The beauty of life is hidden in lovely feelings of your beloved.

Sensational Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love is a beautiful phenomenon, and everyone should write its own research thesis over it.
  2. Only one attack of love is enough to make human body and senses paralyze.
  3. When you want to love someone, it means you are dividing your body into two parts.
  4. Love is a cruel teacher but still everyone wants to owe it.
  5. The strongest feeling in the world is of love which cannot be stopped anyhow.
  6. To love someone is nature of human but the dilemma; we give importance to our love only.
  7. Love makes others your enemy but this love also gives you a passion and a power to defeat them all.
  8. The sensation of falling in love is as beautiful as scent of rose, as shadow of tree in desert and as heartbeat of heart in chest.

Beautiful Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love brings calm and prosperity in life. If these things are not present, that is not love.
  2. A heart always has room for its guests.
  3. True love makes heart and mind thinking consistent.
  4. The most selfless love in humans can be found in two persons i.e., Mother and Father.
  5. Love is bliss till it is secret from the world outside.
  6. Mutual love is really a divine gift.
  7. Love is what we call infinite.
  8. Love starts from loving oneself and ends in loving oneself till someone else takes place in one’s soul.
  9. The one who loves never use others.
  10. Mutual trust is the best proof of love.

Beautiful Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love keeps you alive in the other person’s heart forever.
  2. All the love, true or not, between a girl and a boy has its destiny in the sexual intercourse.
  3. Love is the silence when you realize that your words could hurt, a speech when your silence could harm!
  4. Following your heart, when you are with someone you love, leads you to the right direction at the right time.
  5. Actions speak louder than words so act on your loving words. As the words are meaningless without acts.
  6. In love, one gives oneself as a gift to the other.
  1. Life is beautiful if you keep love with it.
  2. It is best to love and succeed.
  3. A good romance needs the parties to pursue each other’s likes.
  4. When they turn to love, there is no difference between wise and the otherwise!

Sweet Famous Love Quotes

  1. Love is the act of God.
  2. One who loves oneself may have many friends but no rivals.
  3. Love is the other name of peace and calm.
  4. Lovers die but their love never. Rather it flourishes more after the death of the lovers.
  5. Love can win the cruel and love can make one lose the softness.
  6. Love has a status of a religion and is a belief in someone.
  7. A timely love is a real blessing.
  8. Love and luck matter a lot in one’s life.
  9. Friendship is the first step toward the journey of love and love gets started where friendship ends.
  10. Love is the most sacred feeling in this world; pure, true and natural.
  11. The people, who don’t love girls with their brains, don’t have love for girls.

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