How to Write Your Perfect Funny Love Letter From The Heart

When you search for tips on writing a love letter online, you’ll see all articles are talking about serious romantic love letter. But no one is giving ideas on how to write a great funny love letter.

Even though romantic love letters are great and I am personally a fan of them too, but there is something special about funny letters too.

Bringing a smile or even a laugh to your loved one is always something they will appreciate and remember.

So here are some ideas to write a great funny love letter…

Draw Something Funny in Your Letter

It doesn’t matter if you are a master drawing expert, or you feel your drawings look like a 6 year old kid. Actually, the more funny and simple your drawing is, it is more effective in your love letter. So it is very easy for you. You can draw hearts, flowers, or best, you can try to draw a simple comic of your boyfriend/girlfriend. It will make your letter look much more fun and live.

Remind Them of a Very Funny Memory You Two Shared

Do you remember that time that you or your partner did something that made you both laugh out so hard? Then mention it playfully in your love letter and it will sure bring laughs to your partner every time he/she reads your letter… again and again.

Simply Tell a Joke

You can easily find lots of free jokes online about love and relationships. So choose your favorite one that matches your and your partner’s personality best, and include it in your love letter.

Final Thoughts

You can use the free funny love letters provided to you at the beginning of this page to create your own love letter easily in 3 minutes. Enjoy, and wish you the best of luck!

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