3 Ideas for a Perfect Teenage Love Letter to Melt Your Lover’s Heart

3 Ideas for a Perfect Teenage Love Letter

How do you see that some of your friends can write love letters that melts men’s hearts, but some others write letters that their lover doesn’t like to keep.

There are some secrets to writing a great love letter. Here are some tips to help you make yours amazing…

Email or on Paper?

Since email and Internet are so popular these days, many of us use email to send our feelings and love “emails” – instead of real love letters.

Even though email is easier and faster to write, but it is less personal and feels less real. So your partner will cherish your love letter less if you send it by email.

So it is a better idea to write your letter on a real piece of paper, while drawing some cute love shapes around it.

Say It in a Romantic Greeting Card

Not only you can write your letter on a blank white piece of paper, you can also add more romance to your letter by writing it on a greeting card.

If you don’t want to buy a paper greeting card, you can always use free online greeting cards. Simply Google for “greeting cards” and you’ll find a lots of great sites offering various creative free cards.

You can include your love letter in them and send it to your lover’s email.

Include a Picture

You sure have some cute pictures of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend together – laughing and having fun.

It will add a lot of love and fun to your love letter if you include a photo with it. Simply paste it there or put it inside it.

Final Thoughts

Teenage love letters are a very romantic gift to give to your loved one. Simply use the free sample love letters in the beginning of this page to easily create your own love letter in a few minutes.

Good luck!

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