Nicki Minaj Quotes

Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1984), better known by her stage name Nicki Minaj, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. In August 2009, Minaj signed to Young Money Entertainment with distribution from Universal Motown.

  1. White boys tell me that I rock like guitars
  2. I tell a bitch this: I’m not impressed bitch I’m Nicki M trick, I’m always on the guest list.
  3. Just when they thought it was safe to play I hit ’em with the N.I.C. the K.I.
  4. I wanna know why you waste ya time on these rap hoes that don’t write they rhymes.
  5. Money money money always on my mind.
  6. I’m like 5’2 my S.A.T. scores was high too.
  7. Dodged to the room and whipped out the magnum.
  8. Slim trim also light skinned
  9. I told Khaled that you the best, but I’m the bestest. Better run for cover if your name is on my checklist.
  10. Can I get that tron? Can I get that remy? Can I get that coke? Can I get that henny?
  11. RIP to Anna Nicole Smith. Yes my dear, you’re so explosive. Say “Hi” to Mary Mary and Joseph, now bottoms up and double my dosage
  12. Similes, metaphors and we pop pills. Sick flow inundated with the doc bills. Work hard, now we know how to top bills; in the middle of the street doing cartwheels.
  13. My flow hotter than noon in June
  14. Out weights ya change, out weights ya change.
  15. It’s beena long time coming, but I came now everybody in the rap game know my name, but honey ain’t a damn thang…
  16. And when he spank this I make that pussy fart. I’m such an actress, Melissa Joan Hart.
  17. That’s when I hopped out da pink on pink; hate it when a bitch act like her shit don’t stink
  18. When you was on stage with ya brain on drugs, Nick Nack Carry Crack what my nickname was
  19. You like me, you don’t like me, you love me, you hate me. I’m gonna be me, but one thing I have to back it up is skills.
  20. On a diet, but I’m doing donuts in the six speed.
  21. Tell them hoes stoppington; they know they want everything that we be coppington.
  22. Bitch I ball no peep show; dead ass no peep show!
  23. Young Money Nicki, Bad Boy Cassie You wanna minaj? Now lets get nasty.
  24. Flyer than a rocket, money in my polly. My Pocket what you coppin; keep that work up in my pippy long stocking bitch
  25. If he work the middle like a mohawl, tell ’em he can meet me where them girls say Aloha
  26. Grab him by his locks and give ’em some good box
  27. My pussy on another planet; got that NASA pussy
  28. Kick it like Air Max, I don’t wanna hear that.
  29. Why when I needed it? Why you couldn’t lend me why you was a secretive frontin’ like you friendly.
  30. Why did you envy? Why you go against me when I got trendy? Why you ain’t commend me?
  31. I’m the reason why these bitches yellin’ “fuck her”?
  32. Like 11 hundred horses when I switch that gear
  33. I just came up in it a little bit self-centered.
  34. What the fuck I look like bitch, I run this town.
  35. got the risk on glow; the bottles is on pour(poe)
  36. It’s Nicki, ya’ll bitches want it with me, come and get me.
  37. And you know I don’t make it rain, I make it thunderstorm nigga.
  38. I think better with thick chicks with lip stick.
  39. I’m such a bad, such a badass & I be lookin’ for the girls with a fat ass
  40. Who’s ya best MC’s? Nick, Fox And Kim, Cant Forget Remi.
  41. I don’t get my Diddy on, I get my pretty on.
  42. Who’s ya best MC’s? Nick, Fox And Kim, Cant Forget Remi.
  43. But then I’m dumbstruck cause you bums suck
  44. I’m a winner mommy, your career’s a gambleYa caramel dream ya girl from queens
  45. Name a girl that’s real as her. Nope, not them.
  46. old ass broad off track like bad weave
  47. I’m the Barbie. Keep a lot of plastic, little pink stars, put ’em on my jacket. Somebody tell her I’ma put her in a casket
  48. Bitch won’t blow, but she can blow my saxophone
  49. That is where a real bad barbie raom r-r-r-r-r-raom. Sorry I broke up, excuse my cell phone, it must be a AT&T; dead zone
  50. Now that’s one bottle, two bottle, three bottle, four!
  51. When I throw this pussy, you better not start duckin’
  52. He said he want a marshian, he can be my Tarzan
  53. I’m in that money green jag. Lotta money bags
  54. You can talk slick all the way down to the welfare. Ask the I.R.S. bitch I’m payin for ya health care
  55. And if he think I like him then he might be right
  56. I hit one, you hit one. That mean two alive, but if they come back to Queens it’s a suicide.

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