Shakira Quotes

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born February 2, 1977),[2] known professionally as Shakira (pronounced /ʃəˈkɪərə/, Spanish: [tʃaˈkiɾa] or [ʃaˈkiɾa]),[3] is a Colombian singer, songwriter, musician

  1. “An artist’s career is surrounded with hysteria. It’s a very neurotic business: you have to run, fight it out; because they throw you away if you arrive late…every hour there’s a new reason to tell lies. But, for me, it’s an order that the people that work with me tell the truth.”
  2. “I admire a person who, for the love of art, is able to take off their clothes in front of a camera. But I’m not capable, I’m too cowardly for that”
  3. “I have been living a gypsy life since the album has come out, bringing my music to so many different places and people. I want to find out what the people are about and their culture and get closer to it all. You cannot do that in a hotel room.”
  4. “I have never pretended to be anything that I’m not. Neither do I want to be the architect of my own prison, and label myself in such away that I can’t take it off and it turns into a tattoo,”
  5. “I think in every artist’s life, when, right after a performance, we get to feel a certain loneliness and solitude; after receiving so much attention and love from your fans, suddenly everything stops.”
  6. “I think we come into this world dressed in many layers, and life is about tearing them off to hit the core of your essence. With every album I release and every year that goes by, I’m getting closer to where I am. And my fans accompany me in that process.”
  7. “I want one day to be able to love with the same intensity the way parents love there children. Is this possible?”
  8. “If a 25-year-old woman tells you she isn’t flattered to be chosen as the sexiest woman in music and put in the magazine like Blender, then I’m sorry, she is lying. Of course it’s flattering I cannot deny that. And it is something to tell my children. Especially when I’m old and covered with cellulite, which will happen one day.”
  9. “My belly dancing represents me – it’s a trademark. I’ve tried to incorporate it in original ways in modern songs. But sometimes it bugs me a bit that people resort to (saying) that I’m shaking my ass with a huge sexual charge, instead of recognizing it as a move that, yeah, it’s loaded with sensuality, but it’s also part of an artistic expression.”
  10. “Of course I am trying to make my accent not bother anyone, but I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to pretend I am an American girl when I am from Colombia”
  11. “Some days I would look at my reflection and see garbage and I guess I was worried about the size of my breast for a long time. But now I think I have finally reached an age where I have accepted my self for who I am. And anyway, a big butt is far more important in Latin culture”
  12. “Stability makes me ill. I’m a nomad and I live in airplanes. My family is my roots. And I wonder, what does a 23-year-old woman need stability for? Routine is a slow way to die.”
  13. ‘I am a person who has many dreams, But as soon as I accomplish one I move on to the next. That’s my fatal, absurd nature. Human beings are slaves to our dreams and I am, too.’
  14. ‘I feel like a horse that hasn’t been castrated. That’s me full of strength and very very productive. I feel that this is the time in my life when I should go out in the world and achieve. I have so much enthusiasm and determination, and I should make the most of these feelings. Who knows? Maybe when I get older, I won’t have that enthusiasm anymore so this is why I’m making the most of my time right now’
  15. ‘I guess there’s many ways to become an enlightened human being, but I guess the shortest path is always through love. And the shortest path to becoming a better person is always through loving someone. If you don’t know how to treat the ones that you love then how are you going to treat those that you don’t know, or those who are your enemies?’
  16. ‘I love the history of art and history in general. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era. There was more creativity in the air when people was still discovering new worlds’
  17. ‘I’m a believer. I try to be near God, because when I feel that there’s a certain distance, everything begins to look like a blur. It makes the road somewhat smoother. When I feel that I’m without God, I have to make an effort to drag my feet to keep on going…’
  18. ‘In all of our years there comes a time when life seems to simplify itself, and we stop consulting our luck in our palms, and we start to read our favorite poems once again, sometimes we even dare to write our own verses…well the good thing is that this doesn’t happen just once or twice…we always fall in love again. ‘
  19. ‘Oh, I’m so insecure! Ask anybody. I’m a sack of insecurities, But…I’m also a sack of confidence, so it’s a very exotic mix.’
  20. ‘Promoters think that artist prefer limos, so that’s what they usually send. But I prefer SUVs. They’re more comfortable and discreet. I like big cars my first car was a 1977 Oldsmobile Omega. I think it’s because they’re similar to my life. I’m in control of big projects. I’m always driving a big machine.’
  21. ‘The pop life is very boring when you don’t have anything to say,”
  22. ‘This artistic life of a pop star or a rock star is full of distractions and all the extremes are excessive. Being able to expose yourself to the public 20 hours a day, but keeping a balance is not easy. When you fall in love, you prioritize everything. It’s like cleaning up and putting things in place.’
  23. “I am a walking contradiction. I am a cocktail of elements that come from disparate and distant worlds. These elements, however, do not fight one another. They coexist in peace. I am both ethereal and terrestrial. I don’t fight myself. I accept all the contradictions in me. And they accept one another.”
  24. “When my fans watch this documentary, they are going to see that I’m a neurotic, that I’m an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, and I don’t know if they are going to like that, but they for sure will understand me a little more. They’ll get to know my causes in life, what I fight for, the things that inspire me, that move me. … I just get the feeling that I’m going to get much closer to them than ever before.”

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