Shwayze Quotes

Aaron Smith (born May 29, 1985) better known by his stage name Shwayze, is an American rapper. Born and raised in Malibu, California, Shwayze worked at a local Starbucks coffee shop until he met Whitestarr frontman, Cisco Adler, at a nightclub.

  1. Thinkin who, wanna give they love to you Better than the only black kid in the ‘bu ?
  2. When she walked in that club that night, She had a look in her eye like a flashlight She said baby I’m a be alright And the DJ put on our favorite song And we danced beneath the lights
  3. Spent all my money on diamonds and wine, What would you do with a hundred grand?
  4. We both had history after math Passive notes teacher askin for em I read em out loud to the class like a poem or a rap
  5. With My Raincoat on Its alright baby hold my hand
  6. Wtih my raincoat on, in the heart of the sun With my raincoat on, in the heart of the city, heart of the city
  7. Hollywood ain’t no place for lovers anymore
  8. i’m convinced that if i hop the fence i can climb on in and get my fingerprints on your booty, julie, i know you wanna do me.
  9. Her name was Mary Jane, She sang, like Eda James, She came and went to easily.
  10. Baby what’s the word? I aint trying to kill your mockingbird. I got scared and i started walking backwards.
  11. I fell in love with the girl in my summer class. She sat, right next to me, And she made me tell the truth like ecstasy. So, whoa, i gotta slow myself on down. I’ve been in love before.
  12. Baby we can be my mellow lil lady. Marijuana sunshine soul made crazy.
  13. Baby will you be my corona and lime. And I will be your main squeeze.
  14. And if your brother don’t like my style. We could take it to the street.
  15. Let me tell you about a girl I know. She like hip hop and rock and roll. She walk slow down the avenue. I ain’t met her, but I get her when I do.
  16. Bang bang baby shot me in the heart, in the dark, with the dart of the spark when it hit.
  17. Bang bang, I wanna give you my name but I’m tryin’ to put some diamonds in my Shwayze chain.
  18. I would describe our sound as summertime music, feel good music…summertime in a bottle! Something new… Shwayze (describing his music)
  19. Music is so accessible now, I think everyone listens to everything now, I mean you have to, you can’t just be listening to one genre of music, and I don’t think people do that now. Everyone is listening to everything, you get it and you appreciate it, music lovers, love music. Shwayze
  20. I get bored quick i switch cars every 5 days it looks like a traffic jam in my driveway
  21. Look look, they hearts racin’ They start chasin’ But I’m so fast when I blow past That they can’t BREATHE In the presence of the man Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man You betta BREATHE
  22. Like blue and yellow, We made a green meadow Couldn’t say goodbye, she was to special

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