Spanish Love Poems With English Translation

Why Spanish love poems? As you know, love doesn’t know time, place, or language. You can show your true love to your partner with love poems in any language and you can touch his/her heart deeply. Spanish love poems have a special sound that makes your words double romantic. Spanish is known as the language of love in many cultures. So why not use this special romantic idea to make your loved one happy?

You can find some beautiful, sweet love poems in Spanish here. Feel free to choose your favorite and share it with your partner. So here are some beautiful Spanish romantic love poems for you…

Ah Vastedad de Pinos

Ah vastedad de pinos, rumor de olas quebrándose,
lento juego de luces, campana solitaria,
crepúsculo cayendo en tus ojos, muñeca,
caracola terrestre, en ti la tierra canta!

En ti los ríos cantan y mi alma en ellos huye
como tú lo desees y hacia donde tú quieras.
Márcame mi camino en tu arco de esperanza
y soltaré en delirio mi bandada de flechas.

En torno a mí estoy viendo tu cintura de niebla
y tu silencio acosa mis horas perseguidas,
y eres tú con tus brazos de piedra transparente
donde mis besos anclan y mi húmeda ansia anida.

Ah tu voz misteriosa que el amor tiñe y dobla
en el atardecer resonante y muriendo!
Así en horas profundas sobre los campos he visto
doblarse las espigas en la boca del viento.

~ Pablo Neruda

English Translation: Ah Vastness of Pines

Ah vastness of pines, murmur of waves breaking,
slow play of lights, solitary bell,
twilight falling in your eyes, toy doll,
earthly shell, in you the earth sings!

In you the rivers sing and my soul flees in them
as you desire, and you send it where you will.
Aim my road on your bow of hope
and in a frenzy I will free my flock of arrows.

All around me I see your waist of fog,
and your silence hunts down my tormented hours;
my kisses anchor, and my moist desire nests
in you with your arms of transparent stone.

Ah your mysterious voice that love tolls and deepens
in the resonant and dying evening!
Thus in the long hours I have seen, over the fields,
the ears of wheat tolling in the mouth of the wind.

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