7 Tips to Hear Romantic Words From Him Frequently

Thinking of romantic ideas for boyfriends is not difficult for women. However, we usually complain that our boyfriends / husbands are not romantic, or not romantic enough. How often do you find yourself saying, “I wish he was more romantic”?

They might be romantic at the beginning, but this ‘romanticness’ declines with time, and probably fades. And this has to do with the intrinsic differences between the two sexes.

* Women always fantasize about romantic ideas for boyfriends, but men fantasize about sensual pleasure.

* Women dream about romantic words, but men dream about new sexual positions.

* Women long for hearing sweet talk, but men don’t spend ‘enough’ time thinking of romantic things to say. And here comes our role.

Our role is to EDUCATE them about us. Yes, this is what you should do. There are simple things that we’d love them to do (or not do), which they may not even know. Your man will not comprehend our subtle needs without you giving him a hand.

For example, the majority of women can easily implement the following romantic ideas for boyfriends and husbands:

  1. Tell him you want to hear that you are beautiful, that he loves you, that he cares for you, and that he cannot live without you. Tell him you know he does, but you want to hear that! At least twice a day. Tell him we are not satisfied with “knowing” this fact, but we also want to hear it. He probably does not know this fact. Or probably he already knows it, but does not realize how important it is. Otherwise he’d have done it!
  2. Tell him you want to hear this in front of others also, not just between the two of you. Explain to him that this makes you more confident and proud of him.
  3. Tell him you want him to show how he cares about you. Again, you know he does, but you want him to ask you, “How was your day?” and “You look happy today.” You want him to put your photo in his wallet, on the dashboard and on his desk at work. You want him to handwrite you a love letter. You want him to buy you a gift from time to time. No occasion required! Educate him. Give him some of these tips and he should follow this pattern and be creative.
  4. Tell him you also want to hear about his problems, and not just he about yours. If you ask him why he is upset, he should tell you why. Tell him you do not like secretive guys. Secretiveness does no good to your relationship, to say the least.
  5. Tell him that you want to see him handsome, as much as he wants to see you beautiful. His clothes, his cologne, his hairstyle, his teeth, his breath, his dining etiquette and the like.
  6. Tell him you want him to hug you, though not only during intercourse. A passionate hug is sometimes more satisfying! Tell him your heart is a closed book, and one hug is the master key to open it. I bet he will be surprised.
  7. More importantly, tell him that women are emotional. More emotional than he may think. When we complain, we are not necessarily looking for a logical solution as much as for understanding and a comforting hug. Probably he does not understand that. Make sure he does.

So, remember that if you’d like to revive your relationship with your significant other, you have the responsibility of educating him about how different you are from him, how unmanly you are.

We need to invent more and more romantic ideas for boyfriends and husbands. Inventing romantic ideas for boyfriends is easy for you, but not necessarily equally easy for him.

If you find a gentle way to communicate these ideas to him, it should let him contemplate the differences between you, and how he should NOT treat you as one of his guys!

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