Best Heart Touching Love Quotes

Here you will see best love quotes, best heart touching love quotes and cute best love quotes…

  1. Love is a feeling for those who have patience to face the troubles at every step of life and still try to smile.
  2. Love brings happiness in our life and harmony in our thoughts.
  3. The person who really loves you is the one to whom your thoughts turn to, first of all, when you are sad.
  4. You are imperfect unless you are loved by someone.
  5. Love gives us freedom from all the sorrows and miseries of this tyrant world.
  6. Love is only one aspect of man’s life but it is woman’s whole life.
  7. Love is everlasting and is accessible to everyone.
  8. Love is honey out of rose of life.
  9. Those who love others might have enemies but those who love only themselves have no friends.
  10. Reasoning is stronger but not stronger enough like love that can defeat death.
  11. The hard chapter of life is to find a compatible partner in love.
  12. To enjoy your own love fully you have to distribute it to someone else.
  13. Life is like a tree and love is its root.
  14. Love turns a king into a slave and a slave into a king.
  15. Life is colorless without love. And when there is love, all the shiny colors please to enter into one’s life.

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