Dating Secrets For Men – Two Secrets to Succeed in the Dating Game

Looking for dating secrets for men? Men who are easily intimidated may find that dating is a tough and difficult game. For those guys who are inexperience or with self-esteem issues will also have difficultly in dating any women out.

There are dating secrets about women that men do not know, here are two that I would like to talk about in this article.

1) Woman doesn’t like ‘nice man’ – Believe it or not, woman doesn’t like man who is ‘too nice’ to her. Being too nice to a woman will make her feel that she can control you, and she will lose interest in you.

Do not treat her like a princess. Woman like man who is beyond her control. Remember this secret, the less you do and say, the more she is attracted towards you.

2) Never express your feelings to her too fast – A woman will keep on thinking about you if you choose not to express your feelings to her. She will keep on thinking whether you have ‘feeling’ for her or not, and she will keep on guessing and thus ‘thinking’ about you because she can not get the answer.

So, if you choose to express your feelings to her too fast, she tends to be less attracted towards you. Do not think that by expressing your feelings to a woman will make her feel the same towards you.

By not expressing your feelings to her tends to create tension between the both of you, making her feel more attracted towards you.

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