Drama Queen Quotes

  1. “Today, I look at the sun, and I feel no warmth.”
  2. “The difference between my life and hell…is it’s better to be in hell.”
  3. “Why don’t you just paint me gray if you’ll just leave me like this?”
  4. “Why can’t I drown in a river of my own tears and die already.”
  5. “Life is only cruel to me on days that end with ‘Y’.”
  6. “Out of 10 things that happen to me everyday, 11 are bad.”
  7. “No colors for me…I’ll order dinuguan, black gulaman, black forest cake and black coffee.”
  8. “Another cruel morning has come. Oh, joy!”
  9. “What is death, but freedom from this chain of pain called life?”
  10. “I’m a waste of space, a ghost without a home.”
  11. “Ang tanging lasa sa matabang kong buhay, ay ang alat ng sarili kong luha.”
  12. “Do I have a sign on my back that says, ‘break my heart’?”
  13. “‘I love you’ is composed of 8 letters. But then again, so is ‘bullshit’.”
  14. “I’ll stop running…because no one is chasing after me.”
  15. “The advantage of talking to yourself, is that you know at last somebody’s listening.”
  16. “Why don’t you love ma half the way you love your dogs? Am I not the biggest bitch there is?”
  17. “I just wanted to collapse in someone’s arms and cry…then I realized there’s no one there to catch me.”
  18. “My life is one long slow death.”
  19. “The leaf went with the wind because the tree didn’t ask her to stay.”
  20. “Why has my world stopped revolving? Oh yeah…love makes the world go ’round.”

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