Funny Love Poems

So what are funny love poems anyway? Well, it was a little challenging for me to find poems for this page because most romantic poems are… well, romantic, and not funny. But since many people asked for fun poems from me, I decided to do it. When I finally did found a funny love poem, it was more like a dirty poem rather than about romantic love. So finally here you are…

Of course, there are not many poems here yet because I’m still searching, but the ones that are available are good and cute. :-) So enjoy!

All About You

YOU are the sun which brightens up my mornings
U are the spring which bring life to my flowers
U are the melodies that are sang by the birds outside my window
U are the inspiration to my goals, dreams & aspirations
U are the tears that always threaten to fall

U are the pride that i feel when i walk with u by my side
U are the words for that Kelly Clarkson song ‘One Moment Like This’
U are the blessing that i pray for each night before i go to bed
U are the night light which i keep at the top of my head
U are the prince charming of all the romance novels that I’ve read
U r the Mister Right that I’ve waited for all my life
U are the fur on my teddy that bring comfort to & warmth to on a rainy night
U are the smile which stretches across my face from ear to ear
U r the twinkle i get in my eyes every time i am feeling mischievous
U are the flame to the fire i feel burning inside
U are the lovely fragrances that fill up my nostrils
U are the first thing on my mind as i rise in the morning
U are the cure to every unwanted illness
U are the sugar to my candy coated chocolate
U are the cheese in my delicious strawberry cheesecake
U are my baby, my angel, my lifeline, my world
You’re the breath of fresh air that i take in during sunrise
You’re the wonderful colours that brighten up the sky when the sun leaves us
You’re the water that i drink to refresh my throat
U are an angel in disguise who came to guide me
U are the very person my poetry describes
U are the last person on my mind before going to bed and even while i sleep you’re on my mind
You’re the hearty laughter that i let out during or after a joke
You’re the chill up my spine when my dreams come true
U are the weakness in my knees when i see or feel ur body
U are the one who makes my heart beat faster when you come around
And make my mind spin when our feet are off the ground

I Miss Being in Love

I miss being in Love…

I miss how it feels warm and peaceful inside
I miss those calls just to say he’s thinking of you

I miss being in Love…

I miss embracing him while laying by his side
I miss that feeling of intimacy when you know it’s so true

I miss being in Love…

I miss coming home to his arms open wide
I miss dancing together to sweet loves melodies when your in the mood

I miss being in Love…

I miss those long walks side by side where our hands meet and held so tight
I miss when he makes me smile when I was feeling so blue

I miss being in Love…

I miss saying I’m sorry when it was my fault because God knows I’ve tried
But the most precious moment I miss is saying those meaningful words…I Love you

I simply miss being in Love.

A Gift from Heaven

A gift from heaven
I prayed from above
That one day to find
My one true love

My soul so warm
And learns to grow
And a gift from God
I received below

A flower so beautiful
Your one of a kind
A love so pure
Most will never find

A gift from God
You are to me
Someone to love
And to make happy

I pray to God
One day you’ll see
My love for you
Will always be

Great Bodywork

My wife caught me looking
At a lovely young woman today
A gorgeous young slip of a thing
And I did get an earful? I’ll say

So I replied to her calm, as you like
“I can admire a shiny car on display
But it doesn’t mean that I intend
To get in it and drive it away”

~ Paul Curtis

Saga Love

Love me when I’m old and shocking
Peel off my elastic stockings
Swing me from the chandeliers
Let’s be randy bad old dears

Push around my chromed Bath Chair
Let me tease your white chest hair
Scaring children, swapping dentures
Let us have some great adventures

Take me to the Dogs and Bingo
Teach me how to speak the lingo
Bone my eels and bring me tea
Show me how it’s meant to be

Take me to your special places
Watching all the puzzled faces
You in shorts and socks and sandals
Me with warts and huge love-handles

As the need for love enthrals
Wrestle with my dampproof smalls
Make me laugh without constraint
Buy me chocolate body paint

Hold me safe throughout the night
When my hair has turned to white
Believe me when I say it’s true
I’ve waited all my life for you.

~ Bee Rawlinson

Accidents Happen

Kids messing about in the backs of cars
Can sometimes cause accidents to happen
While accidents in the backs of cars
Almost always cause kids to happen

~ Paul Curtis


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