Funny Love Quotes

Funny love quotes make your life happier and more livable. To make you cheerful we compiled a collection of funny love quotes for your love.

Hilarious Funny Love Quotes

  1. Love is a folly that everyone wants to make and then repent afterwards.
  2. How it would be like to feel that you are licking someone’s body?? The fool call it love….!!!!
  3. True love makes you always be distant to your love, but physical love takes you always into the other’s arms i.e., the real destiny in love!!! Try to enjoy the real destiny.
  4. Love makes you faithful to the other as like a dog is faithful to its master! That is you become a dog.
  5. If you want to lose all your money try to have a girlfriend.
  6. If you want to do all what a married couple does in the day, find someone who can fight with you all the time.
  7. The one who thinks can find true love is a foolish. Love can’t be found rather love finds its follower itself. So don’t be a foolish.
  8. Love is enjoyable till before marriage, it becomes liability after marriage.
  9. You can’t enjoy all the time with your wife, but can with your girl friend.
  10. Love is a mutual misunderstanding between two people as they start thinking their love is unique.

Funny Love Quotes

  1. If your love changes from person to person, then please consult the doctor it is not love but some other disease (Loveria).
  2. If your enemy has fallen in love, congratulation! You have no more need to think about his destruction.
  3. I lost my heart somewhere; can I have please yours?
  4. People think that I do nothing but I am always busy in search of love of beautiful girls…Great work.
  5. Love is the measure of disorder in heart.
  6. I think Love is phobia, as every time and everywhere I see you, whether I close my eyes or open my eyes.
  7. A lovely heart is a good place to live in, pay no rent and enjoy the VIP position.
  8. The similarity between love and foolishness is that both have no limits.
  9. At young age marriage seems to be a great achievement; at old age it looks a big blunder.
  10. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman, perhaps that’s why men are more successful but women not.
  11. The more I know my wife the more I think that my cat is even better well-mannered fighter.
  12. I love her because she is the owner of a pizza hut, yummy!
  13. You are my real treasure my love; no one can steal you but your husband.
  14. Instead of getting married, man should jump into the river, as sacrificing one life can save so many other lives.
  15. Love is a big comedian, as a man starts to smile every time with or without reason.

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