How to Write A Romantic Love Letter From The Heart

Today everything is modern, and modernism is far from romantic behavior. Modernism is technology, rush, freedom, and many things that cannot belong to the narrow patterns of the past, when people lived quietly, without being so easily in contact with each other, and the rhythm of their lives was totally different.

At that time the internet didn’t exist and letters sent through regular mail were very common. Depending on how far someone was, they could delay an entire week to arrive… Now we send instant messages through email, which are always very simple.

Writing a Letter to Your Boyfriend of Girlfriend

Romantic letters are not only letters telling your partner what you are doing when you are far from them. They have a symbolic meaning. They are letters you keep and remember forever, because they mark important moments during your relationship.

They are letters where the person you love confesses you their deeper feelings, telling you how much they think of you all the time. Letters describing how much they miss you, how much they love you, how much they wish they were near you…

Letters describing their thoughts, fears, hopes, and plans. Describing also their daily lives, banal moments, and many things that they didn’t need to write, but that are on the paper, next to their revelations, so that they won’t feel so exposed when telling you how much they need you.

Romantic love letters can be simple and short, or they can be long, but they are always very sweet. They may have colors and perfume. They may contain a poem. They may be based on humor, suspense or whatever you desire. You can be very creative…

If you don’t know how to write one, simply start describing how you feel, and how the objects around you are. Write something like: “I love you all the time. The yellow wall is very empty without your portrait. The cold apartment is very sad without your presence…”

Tell them how the weather reminds you of moments you lived together in the past; talk also about your plans.

Use descriptions all the time. Write about what you see, what you imagine, what you dream of, and everything else you may remember.

Don’t write the words “I love you” too often though. Write them only once, and in smaller letters.

Be kind, enigmatic, and loyal. Write things that you would like to read again after a certain period of time. Talk about your frustrations and illusions. Write all your thoughts and philosophical conclusions.

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