Relationship Advice For Women

The first important fact that needs to be explained when providing relationship advice for women is that men and women are different. Now that statement is not meant to be a joke. Of course, we all know that men and women are different physically but what many women don’t realize is that, as well as being different in a physical way, guys are also different from gals in the way they think about and approach things too. Not understanding how your man sees and thinks about things can sometimes lead to big problems in a relationship.

Why is Relationship Advice Important?

So what kind of things are we talking about? Well it’s very important to know just how men and women actually communicate with each other for a start. Men really do communicate in a different way to women and if you want to understand your guy you really need to know how his brain works.

For example, guys like cut and dried solutions to problems. They don’t want to sit around and discuss things just for the sake of a discussion. They want a discussion to lead to a  result so they can forget about it and get on with other things. So if you have a problem that you want to discuss with your man, you had better make sure you have a positive solution to that problem that you can tell him about, otherwise you will find him trying to jump in and “fix” the problem without really thinking it through.

Men are much more interested in action than in words. By all means tell him every day that you love him and cherish him. But you also need to show him how much you love him with actions like maybe cooking him his favorite meal once a week or perhaps going with him to a movie he wants to see but that you know will bore you to tears. A small price to pay for a happy household!

Some guys can find it difficult to share their feelings especially when it comes to telling you how much they love you. They would rather tell you with actions then with words.

One of the most important bits of relationship advice we can offer is that men, unlike women, rarely do, or think, about more than one thing at a time so try not to get mad at him if he forgets to do some of the things you asked him to do. Chances are he was probably thinking of something else at the time you asked him.

A good way to get your man to do what you want him to do is to write out a list of chores and give it to him. As we have said before, guys are action orientated and being able to cross items of a list shows him that he has taken some action. This gives him a good feeling and you get the things you want done.

So you can see now that communication is one of the three most important elements that go to make up a successful relationship. The other two elements are trust and love.

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