How To Know When A Relationship Is Over

You’ve always dreamed of spending the rest of your lives with your one true love, but usually he’s not the first one you’ll bump on the road. Your relationship with someone may have a smooth pace at the start, but as you get to know each other deeper, you would see signs that maybe it’s not working, that it’s better to simply give up. At some cases, you’d be oblivious to sense that the relationship is over even before the casual break-up talk. If you could just identify the signs that signal you to stop and take a look at things, then you’d be better prepared to decide whether to try to save it before it worse or formally split up. To help you, here are the signs that tell if the relationship has completely lost its early sparkling days.

You Frequently Fight These Days

Don’t get me wrong—occasional arguing is healthy in a relationship. Disagreement is common for couples, and it’s usually better to lift up the burdens from the chest once in a while. However, constant and endless squabbling could mean that the two of you have grown tired, annoyed and easily exploded with each other’s little mistakes and differences that you’d previously pretended to don’t mind, thinking that it will just change with time. If you notice this sign, then it would be better to move and take actions.

He Doesn’t Make An Effort

Remember, love relationship is two-sided. It’s a mutual process that needs the commitment and effort of both sides, though usually displayed by girls. Men are generally less compulsive with their ways, so being laid-back doesn’t necessarily mean that your man want to break ties from you. However, there’s a fine line between just mannish nonchalance and offensive negligence. Does he already disregard calling you for a Saturday night dinner? Is he always neglecting your calls or frequently late in picking you? Well, maybe it’s time to make things clear on this sudden “forgetful” behavior of your man.

Distance Don’t Bother You

Of course, being apart is just normal for two independent individuals. However, not longing anymore to see him and even being more relieved to be separated from him is definitely not a good sign. If you think the usual feeling of excitement of seeing him is not present anymore, and you know he feels likewise, then you should certainly ask yourself whether it’s better to continue or not. Getting used to too much space is just not good in a love bond.

No More Romance In The Air

Do you still feel the fire burning? Are there still cuddling, hugging, holding hands, exchanging sweet lines? Do you still kiss passionately? Does he still court you, and if he has, do your feelings still float like that of the beginning? Romance tones down with time, but still, it doesn’t die. Its complete absence could mean one dreaded thing that you both should take a look.

You Think He’s Cheating

Making suspicion is certainly not good. However, girls are natural intuitive creatures, and they just know when something is definitely wrong. At the first sign you might think and convince yourself that you’re just imagining things, but if the doubts start to grow strong through time, then you should need to be concern about it.

You Start To Think Of Being With Someone Else

Okay, this is certainly a bad indication. Your guy is not the only one who could cross the line; you can even do the dreaded thing though you just don’t admit it with yourself. Yes, you’re just flirting with someone else, but it’s certainly doesn’t count as cheating, right? No. When you’re not happy with the relationship anymore, there will come a time that you, yourself, will even think of looking for someone else even if your principles don’t permit it. Before you complicate things further, it might be better to figure out what your relationship truly stands at the moment.

Both Of You Are Hesitant Of Future Plans

When was the last time you both spend a weekend vacation together? Are both of you still enthusiastic and thrilled of making these kinds of plans? Or do you become reluctant of having some time in the future together? When the two of you become unwilling of visualizing the future with each other, there’s the possibility that the relationship is not working anymore. Next time, try to ask if he could go with you in your friend’s party, and if he starts to think of any possible reason to not be available at that day, then maybe you should do what you need to do.

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