Anniversary Gift Ideas For All Anniversaries

Anniversary gift ideas that fit all anniversaries need to be special. An anniversary gift basket is a great gift if you are having difficulty thinking what to buy. The best bit is that you can personalize them and make them fit this year’s anniversary theme.

A 50th anniversary basket will be filled with gifts wrapped in gold paper and tied with a gold bow on the handle, a 25th anniversary would be the same just in silver and a 40th anniversary would have ruby red ribbons. You get the idea.

What do you fill them with?

If your anniversary couple have a hobby that they love and share then you can theme the basket with goodies for this. A gardener’s gift basket would have seeds, trowel, the latest gardening book, Head Gardener and her Gardener’s Assistant Mugs and any other must have gadgets.

If they are into golf then golf balls, towels, a golfing book or voucher to play on a course that they have always wanted to play and any other little bits that you find for golf. And that is the beauty of a gift basket, yes they are very personal but they don’t have to cost a fortune – unless you choose a very big basket!

Shared hobbies are not for every couple, instead look at making a gift basket filled for a cosy night in, a dvd, a bottle of wine, chocolates, and a cosy blanket to cuddle under!

You could always make your gift basket into a time capsule; a mini photo album from their wedding and courting days, a copy of the newspaper when they were married, a cd of the most popular tunes from the time, and any other souvenirs from the early years of their marriage.

If you are looking to treat your anniversary couple you could fill the basket with their favorite things; chocolates, bubble bath, whisky, books, magazines.

A successful anniversary gift basket is one that is very personal, filled with things that will mean something to them and that they will treasure and one that you will enjoy putting together. Don’t forget the themed ribbon!

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