Survive Cheating and Infidelity in a Relationship

Life is a unique journey and no path is alike. People have different goals and desires. Many factors contribute to the feeling of mental balance, happiness and harmony. What is it that makes us happy, sad and everything in between? Why do we feel the way we do when we are facing certain events in life such as for example cheating, infidelity, insecurity, jealousy, mistrust etc in our relationship? How could we get rid of the mental pain caused by the negative feelings related to for example cheating or infidelity?

There are clear evolutionary reasons for our painful feelings after experiencing cheating or betrayal performed by our spouse. How could we learn to understand and control the way our mind works in these unpleasant situations and make the best of our lives? Why is it so difficult to get over cheating, mistrust and infidelity? Why can’t we just forget and go on with our lives? From this website you find information that will help you in the process of recovery and forgiveness after experiencing cheating and betrayal. If you wish to read more about this topic, visit page Recovery after Cheating.

The power of the Human Mind

Human Mind is more powerful tool than one can imagine. When a mouse with mental symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease is put into a stimulating environment full of toys, it’s memory and other mental abilities tend to improve significantly when compared to those individuals which have lived without stimulating gadgets. There is a message of hope to all of us in this exciting research result: We too can improve the capacity of our brain and live our life to the fullest.

A crisis such as cheating and infidelity can cause severe depression and anxiety and jeopardize the basic brain functions. Recovery after cheating takes months, if not years. Depression is known to diminish the size of the brain areas related to performing mental tasks such as learning new things or controlling long- and short term memory. We all know this is true: If we are unhappy and stressed due to problems in our relationship we tend to forget things more easily, concentrating on everyday chores becomes more difficult etc. Sadness due to cheating and infidelity in a relationship can cause similar symptoms as clinical depression. From these pages you find information which will help you to improve your situation and to prevent long-lasting negative effects on your life.

Think about your life at this very moment. Are you completely satisfied? Is there something you wish to do in your life, but have not yet done? Are you slowly starting to accept the fact that this is the way your life is going to be, this was your piece of a pie and there is nothing more out there in store for you? Are you suffering in a bad relationship, struggling with problems related to infidelity, cheating, insecurity and mistrust? Do you feel you are stuck and there is no way out? That kind of thinking is one example of many mechanisms the Mind uses to protect it’s integrity. If one expects nothing to begin with, one will never be disappointed and hurt. But a protected life like that is nothing but a shadow of how life could be at its best. You deserve more than that!

It is important to realize that a Good Life does not require financial wealth or beautiful looks of a movie star. Hollywood is full of sad, depressed rich people who are struggling with all sorts of mental and marital problems while being soaked with material and wealth. There is more cheating and infidelity going on in Hollywood than probably anywhere else in the world. The most beautiful actress in the world can be a mental wreck due to jealousy and insecurity in her relationship. Clearly money is not a ticket to Happiness. The balance and harmony of the Mind is found from somewhere else.

You are a unique individual, there is no one like you on this Earth. Embrace that fact and start to look at your life differently starting today! From this website you will find helpful tips as to how to start the process and later on you will come up with the methods of your own which will suit exactly to you.

How to recover after cheating

Forgetting cheating is one of the most difficult things to do in life. For some, it is impossible ever to forget and forgive. If one however would like to forget and get over cheating and infidelity, how can that be achieved? Getting over cheating is not possible without forgiving cheating. Forgiving cheating is however very hard to do. One can say he or she forgives, but it does not mean one has truly forgiven. The memory of cheating will never disappear completely. But it is possible to change our attitude in such a way that we can learn to live with the memory of cheating. Only after accepting what has happened we can start the process of forgiveness. You can read more about this topic from page Recovery after Cheating.

Forgiving cheating is not possible if we do not clearly see that our spouse is genuinely sorry for what has happened. Here we must be very selfish. If you do not see genuine regret in your cheating spouse after cheating took place, it is best to let go and move on because unless you believe your spouse is truly sorry, you cannot ever trust your spouse again after cheating has occurred. To be able to trust again and forgive are necessary before the recovery can take place.

Recovering after cheating is a long and a hard road, but it is doable. Recovery cannot start before you have accepted the fact that cheating took place. Thinking of matters related to cheating will cause you pain. That is natural and normal. Even thought you still feel the pain, the recovery has already started. It depends on your spouse how fast you recover after cheating. If your spouse is being very supportive it may help you to recover faster. But even in this case you must be prepared for the fact that the recovery will take several months, if not years. But as it is in the case of the death of a beloved one, the pain caused by cheating will change its shape as the time goes on.

On the road to the recovery you notice that after a while thinking of the details related to cheating will not make you feel as depressed as before. Little by little your mind reorganizes itself in such way that thinking of cheating will no longer stop you from functioning in everyday life. The next step on the road to recovery is to get rid of the feeling of anger that is related to the memory of cheating. Visit page Recovery after Cheating to learn how to achieve this.

All these steps are required in order to recover after cheating and betrayal. Understanding how the healing process proceeds from the point of view of the brain can greatly speed up the recovery. The aim of this website is to help you to gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to different emotional states, such as the mental pain after cheating and infidelity in a relationship. The aim is to help you to learn to control your emotions instead of letting your emotions control your, so that you could recover faster.

Even if you have not experienced cheating in a relationship, if you feel your life or your relationship is not what you want it to be (whether you feel it is a small modification or an extreme change that is needed) you have come to the right place. From this website you find the tools to begin the process of change. Although the main focus is on the emotions related to the problems in a relationship such as infidelity, insecurity, jealousy and mistrust and how to recover after these tragedies, the same principles of the mind control apply also to other areas in life.

Surviving cheating and infidelity in a relationship – How to forget the betrayal and move on

The book Learn to Control Your Emotions is introducing ways to deal with the emotional stress and depression caused by an unhappy relationship. The book describes methods that can be used to cope with anger and mental pain caused by the feelings of insecurity, jealousy, cheating or mistrust in a relationship. If you find this website to be helpful in your situation I believe you will also appreciate this book.

Your situation can vary: Your spouse may have decided to leave you, you may have decided to leave your spouse or you are trying to work things out after a crisis in your relationship. You may have trust issues or problems related to cheating, jealousy or mistrust but your spouse may not be aware of your feelings. In all of these cases you are most likely feeling sad, disoriented and stressed in your relationship.

Certain psychological and biological factors contribute to the development of the unpleasant feelings caused by the problems in a relationship. Understanding the reasons behind these emotions makes it easier for you to control these feelings and to speed up your recovery process. By using relatively simple methods one can alter the fixed thought processes and gain control over deeply buried emotions. The book introduces some of these methods along with the new ways of thinking in stressful situations related to infidelity, mistrust, jealousy and other issues in a relationship.

Do not let your emotions control you. Instead, teach yourself to deal with the mental pain and frustration so that these feelings cannot crush you. You can turn this difficult phase in your life into a learning experience. Do not let the situation break you, instead turn the situation into your advantage and teach your mind to become stronger.

The process of the recovery after cheating is very hard. To be able to forgive cheating is even harder. I have been through all that, I know exactly how you are feeling. I created this website with aim to help you to get through the pain you are now experiencing. Recovery after cheating is not an easy path, but if I could pull through, so can you!

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